Below the Mean (Telebears X–Statistics)

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, April 20th, 2007

To end our week, we’ve decided to show a correlation between the amount of money we will make off this site (ads are up now) and how quickly we will lose our grasp of reality, which is now tenuous at best.

Statistics people suffer from this problem all the time. See what they think of the profs who drained all the humor out of them right after the hop.

(Have any memories about professors in this department for a class or in general? Contribute them in the comments.)

Stat 2, Intro to Stat
Howard D’Abrera, TuTh 930-11, Wheeler Aud
“Nice, reaches out to students, genuinely concerned you understand, tries to be humorous…liked going to his class and he is a bit humorous at times with his personal anecdotes….The class was relatively easy. You can get away with missing most of the lectures and still pull off an easy A…A little to slow of a pace for me though…Definitely a grandfather figure.”

Hank Isber, TuTh 2-330, F295 Haas
“HOMEWORK DOESN’T PREP YOU FOR EXAM. Class gets HARD AFTER THE FIRST TEST, so don’t get cocky…Very concept-based. Quizzes and exams are tricky – drop-in tutoring at the SLC is great…He seemed like a good teacher but the material requires a lot of manual work…willing to help and writes all important stuff on the board.”

Stat 20, Intro to Probability & Stat
Bin Yu, TuTh 2-330, 180 Tan (other section run by The Staff)
“Tests are easy if you understand the homework. Not a spectacular lecturer but has a lot of interesting inputs in her lectures…a really good prof who is willing to help out her students (if u ask for it during office hours)… Lectures were clear for the most part. Content starts off very easy, and gets harder toward the end.”

Stat 21 run by the Staff, no info

Stat 134, Concepts of Probability
Ani Adhikari, MWF 3-4, 277 Cory
“The truth is she is very type-A and unfriendly in her teaching style…lots of tricks to statistics, but Adhikari does her best to teach you those tricks as well…Great professor, very clear lectures, easy class.. Just stay on top of things and do the homework…Actually got me interested in numbers, which i used to hate!”

David Aldous, no time/place given
“His lectures are boring and hard to follow; his writings are very messy too. He writes up hard exams and he grades very toughly…an overall nice guy, lectures are hard to follow at times and his tests are extremely hard but class is very do-able because it is very curved.”

Cheng-Shui Cheng, TuTh 930-11, 155 Donner Lab
“This is one of the hardest classes I have ever taken, and for no good reason. Homework was graded, material was unclear, lecture was pointless, GSIs were useless…lectures were absolutely pointless since he teaches STRAIGHT out of the book (same diagrams/examples)…THE WORST PROFESSOR YOU WILL EVER HAVE IN YOUR LIFE. THE MAN CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH LET ALONE TEACH.”

(Data taken from RateMyProfessors and Berkeley Online Schedule of Classes)
(Picture taken from the Rockall Times)

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