Not as Hardcore as EECS, but Hey, at Least We Have Lives (Scheduling for Telebears, Part IV–Engineering)

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, April 12th, 2007

We go to movies. We club it at times. We still believe in dates. We were nerds in high school and your peers made fun of you for it. Now we’ll make more money than the rest of you losers. Who’s laughing now? We are engineers, baby.

Chem 4A
Quantitative Chemical AnalysisPrinciples of Modern Chemistry
Richard Saykally, MWF 10-11, 100 Lewis
“Great demonstrations, unfortunately some got banned by the dean…he tries very hard to make his lectures interesting with demonstrations and obnoxiously bad clothes…Saykally explains fundamentals well and does a lot of example problems that are indicative of what will be on the midterms…Very animated professor, fun to watch in lecture…loves exploding things almost as much as you enjoy watching things explode.”
(Not pictured: Quantitative Chemical Analysis Student Solutions Manual, Student Solutions Manual for Principles of Modern Chemistry)

Civil Engineering 11
Introduction to Engineering and the Environment
Robert Harley, MWF 11-12, 141 McCone
“SUPER HOT… his bald head is extremely cute, other than that he makes the topic interesting…Very hard! Avoid!…final is hard too, curves bout 15% overall in class in the end, doesnt tell u that tho, but mean on midterms is c to d man, prety nice in OH, passionate bout enviro”

Civil Engineering 60
Paulo Monteiro, TuTh 11-12, 502 Davis
“Good lecturer with very good knowledge of the industry and good stories and examples given in class…not a lot of work is required just show up and pay attention during lecture…Waste your time and get nothing…favorite class of the semester as far as engineering classes go.”

Civil Engineering 70
Understanding Earth
Ken Johnson, TuTh 1230-2, 502 Davis
“Very knowlegable, there is a cool field trip…Lots of material in lecture, and can be kinda boring, but labs are quite enjoyable…all the lectures are powerpoint slides available online.”

Engineering 7
Introduction to MATLAB 7 for Engineers
Roberto Horowitz, MW 12-1, 10 Evans

“Everything was PowerPoint, and slides were printed/provided. Sometimes messed up in lecture, and examples given in class weren’t always representative of homework/test questions…The tests are a little easy so the means are always in the 80-86%.”
Andrew Packard, MW 1-2, 10 Evans
“Does give long assignments though. Lectures quite well, although he speaks a little too fast sometimes…Very engaging, but as stated earlier he flies through his material…The assignments were excessively long, but it’s an engineering class, so it’s expected.”

Engineering 28
David Dornfield, MW 8-9, 390 Hearst Mining

“Really boring lectures. Wasn’t sure what he was really talking about. Lieu is definitely a lot better at this than he is…generally clear and easy to understand… Gives poor exam questions, and lecture couldn’t be much more useless. The course material is not enjoyable….his curve screws you. hard. take it with lieu.”

Engineering 36
Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics w/CD-ROM
A(?) Astaneh, MW 9-10, 10 Evans

“Astaneh gives clear lectures, though I definitely skipped quite a few lectures and ended up alright…doesn’t reply to emails…Class is only 2 units and is very easy when taking it with this professor…My friend didn’t go to one lecture b/c he was able to follow along in the book.”

Engineering 45
Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers (6th Edition)
Ron Gronsky, MWF 12-1, 100 Lewis
“Awesome class, awesome dude…He gets you through the vast amount of information at a very nice clip, and always engages the class and makes the subject so easy and fun…Made me want to major in Mat Sci. Tests are fair, if do the homework and labs you’ll do fine…go to office hours!”

(Data taken from RateMyProfessors and Berkeley Online Schedule of Classes)

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