Our Parents Made Us Take These (Scheduling for Telebears, Part V–Pre-Meds)

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, April 13th, 2007

We saved our last planning update of the week for the group that’s always obsessing and complaining over their GPAs/schedules/academics, the Pre-Med people. We know you people are probably going nutty trying to decide how taking these shitty requirements will make them feel. We know how’d it make us feel. Suicidal. Last time we took any bio or chem was five years ago. Good luck surviving. (Textbooks for class required/recommended are under each title)

Bio 1A

John Forte, MWF 8-9, 1 Pimentel
“He managed to keep you engaged when you were watching his lectures. His section though had twice has much material as the first two, so there was a lot of memorization…Way too concerned with minor details. Test, and class in general, is quite hard…grandfather of acid secretion enzymes.”

Bio 1B
Mary Power, MWF 8-9, 2050 VLSB
“She seems like a crazy person…her slides were sloppy. she looked sloppy…Her teaching style made ecology, normally an interesting subject, extremely boring…she talks way too fast, and her notes make no sense outside of context…Her lecture notes are excessively colorful but very unclear and constant revisions make them even more confusing…A nice and approachable professor but her lecture notes were very unclear.”

Pharmako/Dynamis: Stimulating Plants, Potions and Herbcraft (Pharmako Volii)Pharmako/Poeia: Plants Powers, Poisons, and HerbcraftPharmako Gnosis: Plant Teachers And The Poison PathDrugs, Society, and Human Behavior
David E Presti, TuTh 330-5, Wheeler Auditorium
“Drugs and the Brain is all about memorizing facts. If you like to memorize facts then this class will be very easy….I went into this class hearing that presti is a god… and i was bored within 10 minutes…OVERRATED. Class material was interesting, but Presti managed to make it seem dry and boring a lot of the time.”

MCB 102
Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, Fourth EditionThe Absolute, Ultimate Guide to Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 4e
Kathleen Collins, MWF 10-11, 155 Dwinelle
“One word to describe her…DEATH! I had a 3.9 GPA before her class, and I got a D in it after studying more than ever before. Whatever you do, don’t take it…she is one of the coolest professors I have taken classes with. Her lectures are clear, plus there is not much reading from the book. The exams are ok if you study, you just have to stay up to date with the material.”

Chem 1A
Chemistry: The Molecular Science (with CD-ROM, General ChemistryNow, and InfoTracĀ®)i>clicker: Radio Frequency Classroom Response System
Angelica M. Stacy, MWF 9-10, MWF 11-12, MWF 1-2, all in 1 Pimentel
“This lady is crazy! She’s interesting, but had stupid methods of teaching basic chemistry – I believe it set me back…She has trouble explaining things clearly and often times answers questions with- “You wouldn’t have known that.”…Lectures were very well prepared…office hours are very helpful… She tries hard to make lectures interesting but tends to contradict herself. Likes to phrase her questions in very ambiguous ways.”
Not pictured: Student Solutions Manual for Moore Chemistry: The Molecular Science
Study Guide for Moore/Stanitski/Jurs’ Chemistry: The Molecular Science, 3rd

Chem 3A/3AL,

Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function
Steven Pedersen, TuTh 8-930 & W 5-6, 1 Pimentel
“Loved him, he’s a great professor. You can tell he wants his students to learn rather than to stress out over grades and such…You have to go to lecture because he takes the time to draw mechanisms on the board. This helps immensely…do his Exam Book over and over again, and you’ll get the A….Very clear, organized lab lecture…Hands down Best professor of chem at Berkeley.”
Not pictured: Organic Chemistry Study Guide with Solutions Manual
Chem 3B
Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function
K. Peter Vollhardt, TuTh 8-930 at 100 Lewis, TuTh 2-330 at 1 Pimentel
“Lectures were rather boring. Straight from the book (after all he wrote the book)…The tests are fair and exactly like his old exams…word of the wise, study the slides!…Extremely arrogant-avoid direct contact at all costs. However, the class was not that difficult…it just involved a TON of work… a straightforward class.”

Next week we move from meat to tofu (talk about downgrades) as we transition into the softer sciences, and the week after into humanities.

(Data taken from RateMyProfessors and Berkeley Online Schedule of Classes)

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