My Thought Bubbles Are Bigger Than Yours (Telebears XI–PEIS/Political Science)

Posted by: Avinash on Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Just from the gentle imagery and message you see to your left, you can tell politicians are some of the sweetest, most well-intentioned people you will ever meet. Sterling leaders of our great nation with their heart in the right place, they will always try to lead America to the Promised Land. Literally; we’re almost there now.

Unfortunately for you, instead of choosing this noble road, you decided to become a political theorist. Prepare to become utterly useless to the world, just like our friend/madman Kenneth Waltz. After the jump, you can meet the professors that discovered how little their impact on the world really is.

(Have any memories about professors in this department for a class or in general? Contribute them in the comments.)

PEIS 100, Classical Theories of Political Economy
Beverly Crawford, TuTh 2-330, 2040 VLSB
“Lectures were always scattered and there was at least 500 pages of reading a week…sweet, but don’t let her pleasant visage deceive you–she knows modern international political economy, and isn’t afraid to respond to your criticisms, and even come back at you with a few of her own…Prof could be a better dresser.”

PEIS 101, Contemporary Theories of Political Economy
Dariush Zahedi, TuTh 11-1230, A1 Hearst Annex
“Although you *should*, you don’t really *have to* do the readings; he pretty much summarizes the key ones in lecture…took me a while to get used to his slow manner of speaking. The topics he presented were very interesting and relevant to current events…He has the voice of God.”

Poly Sci 1, Intro to American Politics
Kevin Wallsten, TuTh 2-330, 155 Dwinelle
We the People: An Introduction to American Politics, Sixth Shorter Edition

“A great teacher, always available and kind. I really liked him….actually a GSI but he’s the hottest one I’ve ever seen, he’s also one of the nicest people I’ve met…Kevin is funny, prepared, great. My daughter thinks he is hot too.

Poly Sci 2, Intro to Comparative Politics
Robert Price, TuTh 11-1230, Wheeler Auditorium
The American Political Tradition: And the Men Who Made itThe Gorbachev Phenomenon: A Historical Interpretation, Expanded editionThe Apartheid State in Crisis: Political Transformation in South Africa, 1975-1990
“Engaging lecturer but sometimes digresses too much and gives too many examples…readings only matter for term papers, and midterm and finals are somewhat easy….The lectures are kind of boring, but Price is a cool guy…This class is pretty interesting especially if you have a great GSI.”

Poly Sci 120A, International Relations
Amy Gurowitz, TuTh 930-11, F295 Haas
Perspectives on International Relations: Power, Institutions, And IdeasInternational Politics: Enduring Concepts and Contemporary Issues (8th Edition)
“I went to see her for office hours and she wasn’t very approachable…intereting course, not too difficult, she clearly explains important keys in the course…She really knows how to make a great subject dull as hell…I’d like to debunk the myth that she’s hot. She was all right at best.”

Poly Sci C135, Game Theory in The Social Sciences
Robert Powell, TuTh 930-11, 100 Lewis
Strategies and Games: Theory and Practice
“Game theory is actually exceedingly easy if you are good at thinking strategically and don’t try to make it bigger than it actually is…Does a good job of making the class interesting by using real world examples…Very nice professor! Useful subjects to develop your logics.”

Poly Sci 137A, Revolutionary Change
A.J. Gregor, TuTh 2-330 Wheeler Aud

Interpretations of FascismOrigins and Doctrine of Fascism: With Selections from Other WorksGiovanni Gentile: Philosopher of FacismMussolini's Intellectuals: Fascist Social and Political ThoughtFaces Of Janus: Marxism And Fascism In The Twentieth CenturyThe Search for Neofascism: The Use and Abuse of Social Science
“Extremely well versed in his subject matter(compared to other instructors)…this course is a breeze. i never went to class yet still got an A…the readers are by far the most stuck up, unfair, unhelpful, mean group of people I have ever met… offers a unique perspective on how nothing really matters, and that if you are going to be a ruler of China, be Like Sun Yat Sen.”

Poly Sci 150, The American Legal System
Robert Kagan, TuTh 1230-2, 2 LeConte
“There were only two small readers of about 100 pages, but for many folks this was the hardest class they ever took…used the Socratic method for Constitutional Law…Class is based on a concept that he coined so he obviously knows the topic well. Lectures were clear and readings relavant to the material…very nice sweet old man.”

(Data taken from RateMyProfessors and Berkeley Online Schedule of Classes)
(Image from Windy Pundit)

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