This Could Be A Very Painful or Unbelievable or Painfully Unbelievable 48 Minutes

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, April 27th, 2007

We’re skipping Telebears today (seriously, who does their schedule on Friday night? Go outside!), so normally I’d fill the dead air time with something like hamster eating broccoli and wiggling uncontrollably.

But your esteemed editor is going to Game 3 of Mavs-Warriors tonight. I haven’t been to a basketball game in 12 years (it was Magic-Heat, and Shaq blew them into oblivion if I recall correctly.), and next year we’ll probably make it more of a habit. I’m a Kings fan, but because I’ve been beaten into submission by the failings of Orlando, Sacramento, and Buffalo sporting teams, I’m pretty much rooting for Golden State to upset the 67-15ers. Brothers in misery, I must say.

Well let the misery start ending tonight. We know Baron Davis went kooky on Wednesday and Stephen Jackson displayed his typical insanity, but maybe this crowd will do just enough for this team to live them to 2-1. Plus Monta Ellis should get his Most Improved Player Award, just to pump the crowd up a little more. It’s going to be very very loud.

Should be one hell of a night. Hopefully. Unless Dirk starts driving to the hoop. Then it could be fuckage.

Mavericks-Warriors Preview [NBA]

(Image from DroppingDimes)

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