Alright Dallas, Now It’s So On

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Oh my God. We thought our first Warriors post would be enough to motivate the crowd to show up tonight, but no, Dallas fans had to raise the stakes. Well, they are raised my friends, they are fucking raised.

[youtube yrK6aLA1HgA]

Ok, Warriors fans. Can you now imagine if the Mavs come back and win this series. Not only Charles Barkley, but little maestro Bentley Green will be sticking it to you all summer long. You can’t have that. America can’t have that. Lil’ Ronnie’s already on his way to signing huge “hick hop” deals after his mad beats lifted the Colts to a Super Bowl. Bentley Green cannot be allowed to succeed in his diabolical plans.

Bay Area Calls Out Charles Barkley [Deadspin]
Bentley Green:: “Dallas Mavericks Song” [YouTube]

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