And Mark Cuban Still Breathes

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

You know, if someone asked us who could come back from a 21 point deficit, we’d probably say the Phoenix Suns. If someone asked us who could blow a 9 point lead with about three and a half minutes left, we would probably say a Rick Adelman-coached team (trust us, we have plenty of experience with it). But if you do both of those things in the same game? Well, then you’re the Golden State Warriors, that’s who you are.

This game had the classic Dallas syndrome of domination and collapse (remember Game 3 of the Finals last year?). Golden State kept on creeping back and creeping back, and Dirk stopped driving to the rim, and the Warriors had that extra fire in the 2nd half that seemed to sense that they had their opponents on the ropes. Barnes played out of his mind, Richardson kicked himself into another gear, and Baron Davis was Mr. Steady, pushing them to the brink, taking them to 112-103 with 3 and a half to go.

The next thing we know, Dirk is nailing 3s and blocking shots, Davis is getting trapped for the first time in the series, the Warriors are taking horrendous jumpers with plenty of time on the shot clock, the Mavs are driving to the rim and getting their fouls, Davis gets a phantom sixth foul, Jackson’s getting ejected again, which could mean a Game 6 suspension (a suspension that would send Warrior Nation into conspiracy frenzy). And all of a sudden it’s 3-2 Golden State, with the pressure all back on the Warriors to close it out on their homecourt.

We find it amusing that it took a nine-point deficit, four minutes away from elimination to make the league’s likely MVP FINALLY act like an MVP. We guess that’s how an MVP is supposed to act, right? Anyone?

I guess I’m happy that this series goes longer, just because this series has been the only compelling thing to come out of a lackluster 2006-07 season, and the Warriors still hold the upper hand with that zealous crowd in Game 6 Thursday night. However, if Golden State ends up blowing this series, we’re not blaming Stern, or the refs, or Nelson, or even the Warriors for not adjusting to the situation. We’re blaming the Sports Guy for jinxing the Warriors two straight nights in a row, along with half the sports journalists in the country who don’t give a damn about the NBA drooling at the mouth at a Dallas upset. Have some goddamned patience. It’s not an upset until it’s over.

Nowitzki Brings Mavs Back From Brink in Game 5 [NBA]
(Image from Yahoo/AP)

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