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Posted by: Avinash on Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Barring an amazing scoring outburst by the fatigued Warriors, the run ends tonight for this amazing Golden State team. Stephen Jackson has been playing on auto-pilot for all but a quarter and a half of this series, and Davis looks worn down. Deron Williams on the other hand, is blossoming before our eyes and Carlos Boozer could probably throw down a 40-20 if he really threw his head into it. Throw in the veteran Derek Fisher and you have a team ready to give San Antonio or Phoenix fits in the Western Conference Finals.

If the Warriors pulled off a miracle and won this series, they’ll be swept in the next round. Even if they do manage to squeak out a win, we’re not optimistic about a victory in Game 6 with that disturbingly now-average crowd at Oracle. But on the bright side, our fans are not ignorant boors.

 Jackson and Richardson both said Thursday that they had been subjected to racial slurs from the predominantly white crowd of 19,911 during Game 2 on Wednesday night.

Neither player would repeat what specific insults were used, but Jackson said they included a six-letter word.

“That was something new,” Richardson said. “It shocked all of us. We weren’t expecting that. I mean, (Jazz fans) were trying to get into our heads any way they can, but I couldn’t believe anybody would stoop that low. It’s nonsense.”

No Warriors mentioned any such problems after the game on Wednesday. The topic came out only when Jackson was asked Thursday about the difference between playing at Oracle Arena versus Salt Lake City.

“Well, we’re not hearing racial slurs, we’re not hearing people wishing for me to go to jail,” Jackson said. “That’s the difference for me. I’m loved here in Oakland. I’m John Gotti in Utah.”

See what happens Chris Cohan? Raise the ticket prices, your rabid diehard fans who are generally lower/middle class can’t afford their money, you get less noise, less enthusiasm. There might be plenty of Mormon morons, but at least they can afford to get into the game. We can’t wait until you raise ticket prices for the regular season so trendy fans can start showing up. It’ll be great to go 30-52 again. Wooo.

Players shocked after ‘racial slurs’ [Inside Bay Area]
(Image from AOL Sports)

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