Believe: Golden State 111, Dallas 86

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, May 4th, 2007

There aren’t many words we need to describe this good ol’ fashioned ass whopping the Warriors just handed the 67-15 Mavericks. Baron Davis turning in a Willis Reed-type performance with his injured hamstring (and still looking more energetic than any of the Mavericks), Stephen Jackson shooting out of his damned mind, Jason Richardson nailing daggers at the end, Andris Biedrins having all the key hustle plays in that devastating 3rd quarter, Matt Barnes (the unsung hero of this team) nearing a triple double by game’s end. There will be a lot said about Dallas underachieving in this series, but the Warriors acted true to their namesake, and played as if they were the ones favored to win a title. That amazing crowd didn’t hurt either.

As for the greatest upset of all time? Not really sure, because it wasn’t unprecedented. The Warriors have historically given Dallas trouble, even before Don Nelson took over. The matchups worked well against the Mavs, especially with a guard who can run into the paint and either slash or layup, or if drawing the open man can kick it out to the open man (Nash with Phoenix, Wade with Miami, Davis with Golden State are the three most prominent examples). A better defensive point guard might be the best option over the summer for the Mavs (sorry Devin Harris, but you are expendable). Trade depth for a little experience–there was no doubt who the more tough-minded team was in this series.

As for Golden State, well, we have to say we are now very interested as to what will happen in the next round. The matchups would be more favorable if they played Houston (essentially Dallas lite), and much tougher against Utah (no way does Davis penetrate the lane against Boozer and AK-47). But the Warriors have already exceeded expectations. Now it’s time for them to make everyone believe that they’re destined for something more than just being a Cinderella story.

Warriors Upset Mavs to Clinch First-Round Series [NBA]
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