Finally We Have an NBA Poster to Buy (Golden State 125, Utah 105)

Posted by: Avinash on Saturday, May 12th, 2007

We seem to always be writing the same thing about Golden State when they play at home–the Warriors keeps on shooting, slashing, hustling, delivering. This was just more lovable, frenetic Warriors basketball as they tore through a Utah team that never really had a chance once Deron Williams and Derek Fisher went to the bench in the 2nd quarter with 3 fouls each. No point guard for the Jazz meant the interior presence was stretched to the perimeter, meaning less offensive rebounds, meaning Warriors could play Nellieball nearly uninterrupted for forty minutes. Of course, the moment Williams came back in, the Jazz cut the lead from 29 to 15 in a matter of 6 minutes, which makes us think that the goal of each game for the Warriors is to get Deron Williams in foul trouble immediately.

As for Golden State, this was a game they were expected to win, but the key lies on Sunday night in what is essentially a must-win Game 4. We don’t think Golden State will play as well as they did tonight; it’ll be a grind, and it’ll be up to Davis to again shoulder the load. Thankfully Monte Ellis finally came alive (which is dire for the Warriors if they want to win the series), and Biedrins and Pietrus play 100 times better at home. Team that up with the resurgence of Tall Al Harrington, and Game 4 might be a brewing classic. We’re not expecting Carlos Boozer to take around two shots a quarter next time. Man, it’s gonna be great to watch.

Oh yeah…and Baron Davis. We hear he’s pretty clutch. We thought it was just a home crowd lifting their team to a higher place, and the team elevating that game, and didn’t think much about the tide being turned. Until he made that play. You know what play I’m talking about.

[youtube tYpwjB0IzoU]

Yeah, that one. More of the glory can be found below…and that play again. We could put it on repeat all day.

[youtube dbXFEFEqJK8]


(Image from Yahoo)


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