So It Comes Down to This

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Perhaps the biggest event in Warriors history goes down tonight in Oracle Arena (I’d count the time Rick Barry won the NBA Finals, but no one remembers that series). Now that the series is at 3-2 and in Oakland, the Warriors essentially control their own fate. They’re 48 minutes away from history…or from a return trip to Dallas for Game 7. Either way, NBA fans win, except for the ones who can’t stay up until 1 in the morning out East watching basketball. Nice job scheduling the games league.

This is a call to all the Warriors fans out there tonight. Listen. Your team is battered beyond belief. Baron Davis will probably get hounded for 48 minutes, Stephen Jackson nearly got four technical fouls in four seconds, Matt Barnes was hobbling around like Kevin McHale during the 1987 Playoffs, etc. etc. It’s your job to lift them to that next level, get them back on their feet, get the adrenaline going to close out this series before things really get bleak.

You can make a difference in this game. We saw you at Game 3 last week, and while we were impressed, we think you can do even better for do-or-die Game 6 (you do not want to see the Warriors go back to Dallas). Stand and cheer every play on defense. Whenever Dirk Nowitzki goes to the free throw line or has the ball in his hand, boo him mercilessly–Dirk always gets rattled against tough crowds. Everytime Devin Harris starts flopping backwards, call him “Vlade” or something…just get on his hide too, he was not to be stopped in Game 5.

Above all, make noise, cheer, bring energy back into the Warriors. The expectations have already been surpassed. Most thought Golden State would win one game at home and then quietly go away. Well, it’s Game 6, it’s your series to win. The pressure’s off. No need to be anxious like those pansy Mavs fans, who were standing throughout Game 5 wondering exactly how their team could blow it this time. Just bring it all out and carry your team to the so-called greatest upset in NBA history.

You do believe. Don’t you?

(Image from NBA)

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