Dropping Out of Bad Classes, Falling Into Good (Telebears Recap)

Posted by: Avinash on Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

With the craziness of the first few days behind you and now all your syllabi are lined up for calendar organization, you’ve probably already found one or two classes where you’re going, “Oh, shit, this is going to blow.”

Never to fear. I think this might be the thousandth time I’ve written about this, but it’ll be the last one–at least until spring. Here are all the related posts about Telebears for this semester, surmised into one post. If you guys find any errors in professors, textbooks, or have any of your own recommendations for teachers to take, comment and share away.

Part I–Math
Part II–Physics
Part IV–Engineering
Part V–Pre-Meds

Part VIII–Economics
Part IX–Business
Part X–Statistics
Part XI–PEIS/Poly. Sci.
Part XII–Psychology
Part XIII–History
Part XIV–English
Part XV–Linguistics
Part XVI–Philosophy
Part XVII–Anthropology
Part XVIII–Sociology

The Easiest Professors Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
The Hardest Professors
The Worst Professors
The Best Professors

Again, if you have any additional suggestions/disagreements/testaments for these classes and others shoot them off in the comments. Deadlines for dropping/adding are approaching.

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