Like to Skip Lecture? Easiest Classes This Semester, Part III

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, August 17th, 2007

(The semester is now closer than ever, and you’re probably scrambling around Telebears these last few weeks, filling up holes in your schedules with classes you probably will end up hating. Well, no worries. We’ll be happy to provide you with teachers who will be pushover…push you to your limits. Of your alarm clocks. If you’re just looking for classes to end your time at Berkeley on the right note or start it off without a damper, this might be your list. You’ll be sleeping every night comfortably taking this schedule. Your dreams will be endless. And you will be dousing yourself in alcohol every Saturday night. Ain’t that the life?

There are obvious courses you can cruise-control through (Physics 10, Astro 10, anything with a 10), so let’s find some more unlikely candidates. This is a five part series in no particular order. Classes for your snooze button after the jump. All ratings from Rate My Professors…)

Bill Berry, Earth Science 8 (Geologic Record of Climate Change),
Earth Science 185 (Marine Geobiology),
Environmental Sciences 10 (Intro to Enviro. Sciences)
Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet
(Easiness: 4.7): “very easy class, your grade’s basically dependent on a group project and take-home tests, plus it’s important to know about global warming and climate change… great lecturer and makes everything really clear and can answer any question on the material you have…No textbook, no reader, no online notes, only a few line on the board at every lecture, but he could really talk for the entire time with great enthusiasm!”

Martin Shapiro, Legal Studies 190, Seminar on “Law, Politics, Literature”
Constitutional Democracy: Creating and Maintaining a Just Political Order (The Johns Hopkins Series in Constitutional Thought)
(Easiness: 4.2): “4 units class is laid back, there are about 10 books,you read one for your papers and dont have to read the others unless you want.and a take home midterm (3pages) and final(5-6pages). one semester he had an inclass final but no midterm.3 units class(supreme court/policy)one inclass final. He even said these where his easier classes.”

Kate Van Orden, Music 27, Intro to Western Music
Listen: BriefA 6-Cd Set to Accompany Listen, Brief
(Easiness: 4.7): ” I had a fine azz TA and the class was pretty easy. found out by the third week that u didnt need to attend lecture because tests are all essay based and u can **** that and still get an A…wasn’t stressful and the papers and exams are pretty easy provided you do some studying. I spent maybe an hour to two hours a week for that class.”

Carol Redmount, Near Eastern Studies 18 (Intro to Ancient Egypt)
Ancient EgyptThe Egyptians (Ancient Peoples and Places)Egypt and the EgyptiansCultural Atlas of Ancient Egypt (Cultural Atlas of)The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt (Hist Atlas)
Near Eastern Studies 24 (Ancient Egypt at Berkeley)

(Easiness: 4.1): “Pretty easy with 1 midterm, 1 quiz, and 1 paper (2-3 pgs)…test questions are fair, and she gives a thorough study guide. must go to class, parts of exam based on slides seen in class (black lightning notes can only help so much, but seeing slides is critical)…She tells you exactly what will be on your tests and there is also a very easy section project!”

Alan Ross, UGBA 107 (Social, Political, Ethical Environment of Business),
UGBA 175 (Legal Aspects of Management)

Smith and Roberson's Business Law (Smith & Roberson's Business Law)
Poly Sci 179 (Undergraduate Colloquium)

(Easiness: 4.1): “Quick easy credit point for your transcript, some good (or just plain wacky) guest speakers…though the lectures supplement the tests very little, they’re very interesting and make you think about ethics/politics a little differently… you need to be a critical thinker who can think abstractly about any topic, do that and you will get an A.”

Meg Jay, Psychology 150 (Psychology of Personality)
Theories of Personality: Understanding Persons (5th Edition)
Psychology 160 (Social Psychology)
Social Psychology (6th Edition)
(Easiness: 4.3): “Very powerpoint heavy in her lectures, but she gives you enough time to copy everything down onto your notes…lectures are clear and interesting. the tests are not that hard either, as long as you study her notes and read the text summary…Take down the notes, go over those areas she touched on in the text, and go to section, you’ll get a good grade!

If you have any classes you slept through and still aced, leave them in the forums thread.

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