Shouldn’t You Have Been Fired Yet? (Ten of the Worst Professors This Semester)

Posted by: Avinash on Monday, August 20th, 2007

Just for the fun of it, we decided to create the doomsday scenario for you. Some of you think you have it bad with your miscellaneous craploads? Imagine a combination of the following teachers of terror. These profs are not going to make your life fun. So in case you’ve ever thought of killing yourself, these teachers might place you over the edge.

Mariane Ferme, Anthro 189, Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology (1.4 out of 5): “She is very unorganized, had to change the syllabus about 5 times, people usual zone out during lecture…I learned nothing except how a professor can humiliate and brutalize students’ egos…She’s extremely unhelpful, rude, and purposely tries to embarrass students. Seriously…she’s crazy.”

Dan Voiculescu, Math H54, Honors Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (1.6 out of 5)
“Set curve, midterms were easy, however, he slammed us with a super hard final. Before the final most were getting As, afterwards, most had Bs or Cs…His accent is hard to understand. His lectures don’t make any sense and are filled with lots of proofs… horrible teacher. i found the midterms and final hard because more than half was true or false…Average attendance in lecture is approximately one quarter of total enrolled students. Exams alternate between mindless computation and abstract application of theorems.”

Lydia Sohn, Mech Eng 107A, Experimentation and Measurement (1.7 out of 5): “She has a bad attitude and has no mercy when it comes to assigning grades or regrading…doesn’t know her own material and constantly has to abort lectures because she can’t answer questions or finish what she started. She has no desire to help students… Apparently on her final, there were two ways to solve a problem. If you do it her way, you get full credit, but if you do it another way, you get no credit. And also, because she wants a nice bellcurve for the class, even though the average is high, if you get a small portion of a problem wrong, then you get 0 credit.”

James Lincoln, UBA 105, Intro to Organizational Behavior (1.8 out of 5): “Midterm: sometimes you hit or miss on the questions because they are VERY specific. Also if you get put in a stupid and moronic team of slackers or transfers for the only team project in the class, say goodbye to that A…Midterm was super hard.Mult choice answers were all ‘good, better, best’ answers so it was easy to pick the wrong one…the class is not “hard” as in there is so much to study, but it’s hard because you just cannot predict what he will throw at your for the exam. he’s just pickin up his pay check before he kicks the bucket.”

Alexandre Givental, Math 53, Multivariable Calculus (1.8 out of 5)
“Don’t believe people who say his class can be rewarding blah blah blah…His test suck because he expects you to remember every part of his lecture and regurgitate it back in the test, which is 40 % or your test grade…gave 75% of the class a zero on the theory on the second midterm…The worst professor I had at Cal.”

Tad Patzek, Civil Engineering 173, Groundwater and Seepage (1.9 out of 5): “I’ve seen circus clowns teach a concept better than him. He definetly understood the material, he just didn’t know how to teach it…he has a lot of difficulty explaining an idea in laymans terms and ends up just technobabbling about the math, which makes no sense..DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS WITH PATZEK!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT FOREVER AND EVER!!! AND EVER!!! HEED THIS WARNING LEST YOU ROT IN ETERNAL DAMNATION!!!”

John Wagoner, Math 16A, Analytic Geometry and Calculus (2.0 out of 5)
“He CONSTANTLY MAKES MISTAKES andyou have to constantly erase your notes. His tests are ridiculously hard. You can understand EVERYTHING and still fail a test…he goes too fast in lecture, it’s very hard to follow…I thought he was pretty good in the beginning of the class because he was very thorough.. then sometime in the middle and near the end of class, he started trying to be too thorough and just confused everyone. Reading the book makes more sense than lectures. ”

Connie Chang-Hasnain,
Electrical Engineering 40, Intro to Microelectronic Circuits (2.0 out of 5)
“Worst ever. hard to understand, goes off topic a lot…she sucks ruined my eecs expirience…horrible…Powerpoint slides which failed to teach anything at all. Teaching gradually improved and became clearer towards the end…worst teacher, if you want to call her that, I ever had.”

Richard Rhodes, Linguistics 124, Discourse; and Linguistics 155AC, Native America Meets the Europeans (2.0 out of 5): “Professor doesnt give a **** about the students because the students dont give a **** about him! Grade is based on midterm, final, and 5 quizzes, gave no effort in this class and ended got B!…Midterm is 100% recycled, paper is passable, final is at least 50% recycled. Very easy to pass, but probably not too easy to get an A. He is sooo boring, puts everyone into sleep, and he is just mumbling most of the time.”

D.H. Wright, History of Art 24, Freshman Seminar & 145, Roman Art (2.1 out of 5): “Worst professor of all time. Closed-minded, condescending, and just plain mean…Just do EXACTLY what he says and you should be ok. He calls his colleagues and just about every other historian “idiots.” Farts a lot…For our term paper he suggested several books to me (said he liked the authors) but when I used some of THEIR arguments for support, he actually wrote “B.S.” on the page. He said he wanted me to “sift” through the “rubbish”.”

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