The War Has Already Begun. And Ended.

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, August 30th, 2007

The site of battle: The Oaks outside Memorial stadium. The soldiers at arms, seen here wearing traditional Haradin gear (either that or we’ve found our local terrorist cell) are already beginning their steadfast defense of their majesties of nature. Unfortunately for the bloodthirsty (seriously, I think their diet doesn’t contain enough iron, they desperately need some blood) defenders, the UCPD has chosen the path of non-violence and decided to go all Roman Empire on them. Siege warfare it is.

A UC Berkeley construction crew began fencing off the tree sitters in an oak grove in front of Memorial Stadium this morning. University officials said the 8-foot fence barrier was being erected for safety reasons in advance of Cal’s opening football game with the University of Tennessee on Saturday at 5 p.m.

The game is sold out: 76,000 people are expected.

The grove of California live oaks where nearly a dozen activists have been living since Dec. 7 of last year. They are protesting the university’s plan to raze the trees to make way for a new sports complex in front of the stadium.

Currently, eight to a dozen people are living in the trees at night, but a few descend from their perch during the day.

There also is a table beside the trees staffed by support people for the tree-sitters.

It’s not clear if the barrier being put up today violates a temporary restraining order issued by an Alameda County Superior Court judge barring any construction on the site pending a hearing on a permanent ban scheduled to be heard in Superior Court in Hayward, beginning Sept. 19.

The court will decide three lawsuits surrounding destruction of the trees and construction of the sports complex.

The lawsuits include one from the city of Berkeley challenging the size and location of the facility.

This week just wouldn’t be complete about the hippies, would it? I’m still scared by the idea that Brent Musburger might cut away from the commercial and focus his narrative eye right on our fairly unkempt and malnourished denizens situated…

“You are looking live at the Oaks outside of Memorial Stadium. You can see the eager Tennessee faithful gathering around and examining the creatures of the wild. That is some real live-action going on down there folks.”

The resulting downpour of disgust would cause the football gods to award karma points to Tennessee. Sheesh, only at this school.

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Don’t Fence Me In. [Signal to Noise]

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