Downloading Simplicity…for Cal Games (TVUPlayer)

Posted by: Avinash on Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Use TVUPlayer to watch Cal football games on Versus!

I’ve already told you about Sopcast for free TV. But it’s almost no good for college football coverage. For those of you without cable and without tickets (and without friends nearby with either), Cal-Arizona might be a little tough for some of you to view. But it’s always possible to find a way around these things.From Lifehacker:

TVUplayer works like this: Someone (called a “broadcaster”) records live TV on their computer, then sends out the stream to the world at large. From that point, the more people who decide to watch the station, the better the “signal” you’ll receive, since TVUplayer uses peers to redistribute content similar to bittorrent (or that’s how I understand it). That means it’s going to be uploading plenty while it’s running (and believe me, it did). What I was most impressed by is that TVUplayer was less than 1 minute behind my live TV, which is pretty impressive.

The quality tends to be better than Sopcast, although there’s not as many channels available–but it’s suitable for this week.

Use channel 51222 for Versus. (BONUS: The Big Game will probably be accessible in the same way near the end of the season.)

TVUplayer [TVU networks]

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