Lavelle Hawkins is Lonely

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Lavelle Hawkins of California Golden Bears is ready for redemption against the Arizona Wildcats

One man in our potent offense is getting neglected for all his hard work (he does have as many TD returns this year as Tha1). Lavelle wants you to start giving him some love on his big plays. Robert Jordan gets one on replacement punt returns–why shouldn’t he get dap? None of this “Roll on you Bears” twitching your index fingers weak sauce–he wants an all-out arms flapping barrage. Considering this is his redemption week, it’s an appropriate time to start waving them arms.I was not a big fan of the Dirty Bird crap the Falcons flouted in the late 90s, but a hawk–now that’s badass my friends–a hawk prowls and gleans. Too badass for the children unfortunately, that they might need a demonstration.

[youtube UwvO5lkeb54]

If you want a simulation of Saturday’s events, let the hawk above show you what to do in terms of cheering (he’ll be Lavelle). Hapless Tom will be the Wildcats D-backs, as both smash into one another, with Hawkins obviously gaining the upper-hand. And I guess Jerry is the Student section, urging the bird on. And then all the Wildcats will be forced to cross-dress as bodacious Hawk-chicks to tempt the Hawk away, only for him to subdue them into menial housework and motherly housecare.


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