Nate Longshore, Airing It Deep

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, September 14th, 2007

Nate Longshore is blogging about the California Golden Bears

No official confirmation, but it looks legit (who the hell would want to fake taking Pilates classes and Ling 1A with an awesome teacher?)–Nate Longshore’s blog is up. Say what you want, but the man does seem to have a full load on his plate. And that Fall Camp Schedule definitely provides a little peak into how rigorous football can get.

During August is when all college football players get their real test. The ultimate test of toughness. It is 20+ days of nothing but football. We joke about being in football prison, especially because of the throwback jail bars on Memorial Stadium. Its 20 days of a nonstop football extravaganza. We stay in Bowles Hall, old school dorm, but then we move into the luxurious Claremont Hotel for the last few days. Never going home, no tv(except NFL network), no news updates, no visiting hours, no sleeping in. Time might as well stand still, we couldn’t even tell you what day of the week it is. All we know is that it is day 11 or day 12, 8 more to go. Here is an example of two days of camp. Keep in mind that free time is when we get treatment for our injuries and ailing bodies, as well as refresh what plays and concepts we installed that day.

Camp Schedule

Its no walk in the park. Camp is definitely a mental test, especially when even you start dreaming about football. The worst is when you have a dream about messing up a play and you get yelled at in your sleep. Yelled at on the field, yelled at in meetings, yelled at in your sleep. The price for success is high.

Anyone who’s had to stay in the Bowels deserves some sort of endurance reward. And that’s without the merits of the hottest month in the Berkeley year, although no one’s going to die of heat stroke anytime soon (and it’s generally 55 more than it’s 85 during the eighth month–what a place). Interesting that Tedford only had them watch the NFL Network–perhaps that’s what’s inspired the big playmakers to step up the first two games?

It’s still early to tell where he goes with this, but get your bookmarks/RSS ready. Transparency rocks.

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