Time To Start Growling (Cal-Louisiana Tech Soliloquy)

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, September 14th, 2007

[youtube C-eKvxbrA_o]

See this up there Cal fans? This was you two weeks ago when the Vols came a calling. Not hard to understand why you seemed a little groggy–in Week 1 you always seem to need a little cajoling to get those voices howling. You’ve been in hibernation for nine long months, waiting for the kicks, the tackles, the beer, the parties, etc.The season was starting, optimism was at a high, and let’s face it, some of you were kinda cute. Even if it was the most important game of the year. Don’t worry, the ravages of Cal will soon come to claim whatever innocence is left in your young and wild hearts.

Now you, young children, must learn the importance of yelling. And I’m not talking about those pathetic yelps that some of you consider “raucous crowd noise”. Remember those self-defense classes, where they thought you to breathe with your stomach, where you go in and out? That’s how you need to be. Primal. Take your first step to Autzen status (although it’ll be another hundred before we get close to matching their intensity)

Warriors fans? Now they know how to make noise. That’s a real crowd; they make basketball smooth and cool–this is no Jumbotron crowd. Once they left, so did interest in the playoffs. We’re not even close to that intensity, but we can learn how to take a step in the right direction Saturday. It might be Louisiana Tech, but hell, the Rams just lit us up for 28. God’s on the sidelines, he needs to know that you want his ethereal presence kept there. Ann Arbor does sound rather nice in the fall doesn’t it?

Jeff Tedford wants Cal football fans to be LOUD on Saturday

Pac-10 season starts the week after this one, and our fans have to be at full strength for those games. Every game matters. Matters enough that you shouldn’t be doing the fucking Wave. Let’s start howling. We can’t be Knuts forever.

[youtube xZ6zJrnJNCo]

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