And It Begins Again (Action Jackson Preview, Week 9)

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007


Other than the obviously important matchup (7 PM PST on FSN, available in HD if you’re not aware), it is looking like the most pivotal week of the year for the big fish left in the pond.

Here is the TV Coverage (including coverage maps for the ABC local games)
And Announcing Coverage, for those who care. I guess those clones of Keith Jackson haven’t been mass-produced yet, because I seriously don’t know who half of these stiffs are.

(Just for the record, I’ve been kind of shell-shocked from these last two weeks, so I should get back to Golden Bear football next week. I’m barely able to register coherent thoughts about the Golden Bears right now. I feel like I’m waking up drunk and falling asleep stoned. Don’t worry, either I’ll be too numb next week or back to business, so everything should be back to normal. Consider this post filler.)

Thursday–For all the marbles in the Darned Tooting ACC (All PST)
2 Boston College at #8 Virginia Tech, 4:45, ESPN: Very big game. I might actually watch it all. That would be a first time for an ACC showdown. Ever. (Also, writeups like these make me want to burn down Chestnut Hill.)
Side-dish: Air Force at New Mexico, 6:00, Versus: The Poinsettia Bowl might be at stake.

Friday–This Night Be WAC

Boise State at Fresno State, 6:00, ESPN: A showdown between the teams most likely to knock off Hawaii. Unfortunately, they have to go to the island to do that.

Saturday–Pac-10 Marathon!
Last week was the SEC’s twelve hour tailgate–here we go with the Pac-10.
#9 USC at #5 Oregon, 12:00, FSN: Oregon’s offense versus USC’s star defenders. The Ducks look a little too overwhelming this time around; is Dennis Dixon the Pac-10’s Vince Young? Of course, no one in USC seems terribly frightened. I guess endless national titles will do that to you.
UCLA at Wazzu, 3:30, FSN: I just have a feeling I’ll be embarrassed after watching this one.
#18 Cal at #7 ASU, 7:00, FSN: We’ll know very soon if the Sun Devils are contenders or just ready to become the latest upset victim. I can’t believe I’d be saying this even three days ago. But hey, at least they want to wear our colors.

Not broadcasted,
Arizona at Washington, 12:00: Probably for everyone’s good.
Stanford at Oregon State, 3:30: We’ll know a lot more about these two teams. I wouldn’t be surprised if they both go to bowls. Yes, even the ‘Furd.

Anyone watching this weekend? It’s always more fun to group up with people.

Onto the main events outside of the Left Coast.
#6 West Virginia at #25 Rutgers, 9 AM, ABC: Black limos are once again being driven up to each house of the game refs. Be prepared to play 11 on 18, Mountaineers.
#9 Florida at #20 Georgia, 12:30, CBS: I don’t understand why they always play this in Jacksonshit. This is seriously the worst city in the Southeast. Everytime I went there, the greatest attraction I could find was the TV. Also, Florida always wins this game. Even when they were led by Ron Zook. No one’s concerned, least of all EDSBS, who also seems to enjoy my favorite Bollywood video ever.
#11 South Florida at UConn, 12:30, ESPN2? (usually the best remaining ABC game is simulcast here) Please, South Florida, crush these New Englanders. I can’t stand ANOTHER successful team from that region.
#12 Kansas at Texas A&M, 4:00, ESPN2: Is Kansas for real? (Apparently, yes.) Gutcheck time at College Station (Boulder’s tough to play; anywhere in Texas is harder).
#15 South Carolina at Tennessee, 4:45, ESPN: No idea what will happen in this game. No clue whatsoever. But things are really depressing in Rocky Top right now.
#1 Ohio State at #24 Penn State, 5:00, ABC: The Buckeyes do not win in Happy Valley very often (2-5). I’m pretty excited about this one, and this weekend altogether. Even the Lions have been looking forward to this. The great possibility of 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 9 all going down? What a ridiculous season.

Less action, more talk:
Michigan State at Iowa, 9 AM, ESPN2: This is going to be garbage.
Mississippi State at #14 Kentucky, 9:30 AM, online: This could be obliteration.
Nebraska at #17 Texas, 12:30 PM, ABC: I have no idea why we’re getting this game, other than the fact that it might be a fascinating trainwreck.

Sunday–If the World Series isn’t good enough for you.
UCF at Southern Miss, 4:45, ESPN. Brett Favre continues to pay off ESPN to show Southern Mississippi.

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