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Posted by: Avinash on Saturday, October 6th, 2007


–Before the LSU-Florida feast, I am watching Virginia Tech-Clemson. It is an abortion of football. How Clemson got ranked is beyond me.

–Versus is crapping out AGAIN. So I have no idea what’s going on with Stanford-USC (pretty much back to following gamecast), except that the Cardinal is hanging around before finally running out of gas in the 2nd/3rd quarter. 3-0 Trojans.

–Now 9-0 USC. Missed extra point or something. Whatever. I’m really sure Stanford will take advantage of that.

–This UCLA-Notre Dame could be perversely entertaining in terms of absolute crapfest. I will most likely pay attention to it if the bigger games get out of hand.

–Ohio State doesn’t waste any time laying the smack on Purdue. Quick score to make it 7-0 based on one heavy off-tackle run, another deep post.

–Florida is looking really good right now. Almost all running plays going straight up. LSU defense holds them to a field goal.

–As for USC’s paltry score of 9-0…the Trojans are used to playing the platoon backfield with Washington, Gable and Johnson. Tonight it’ll be a steady dose of Washington, with Gable out for the year and Johnson hobbled. If the running game isn’t pounding through then the Trojans will just look sloppy. And they’re fine because Pritchard can’t even hope to pass the ball consistently.

And I personally think Jim Harbaugh is trying to drive Pete Carroll insane.

–Gators get the INT and decide to start passing the ball again. Ugh. Now I remember why I passed on them. Punt.

–Buckeyes jump to a 14-0 lead. I’m now a little uncomfortable with this bet.

–LSU-Florida has been so ridiculously overhyped, you just know the offenses will start making mistakes (already two dropped passes). Great run game by both sides, but the passing has yet to get going.

–After hyping the one-dimensionality of the passing game of the Gators and the run D of LSU, lots of running plays by Florida. Hasn’t been overwhelming, but Florida keeps on moving the ball.

–Guhh, what the hell was that? You’re always capable of out tricking yourself, Gators.

–Man, ANOTHER late flag. Refs are gunning for Emmys these days.

–17-0 Ohio State. Purdue looks completely inept. I guess thumping Notre Dame really does show nothing about your school’s talent.

–9-7 USC on an INT of Booty. What the hell are they doing?

–Ben Olson has gotten himself knocked out. It’s tied at 3 in the Rose Bowl. This night gets weirder and weirder. The return of Bethel-Thompson!

–Gators score to make it 10-0. Even I neglected the power of Les Miles in my pregame assessment. Very foolish of me.

–Purdue is currently celebrating the fact that they’re not down 24-0. I guess moral victories can be important.

–USC no longer is interested in messing around, driving down the field. Until Booty gets sacked. And then picked off AGAIN. And USC fans are booing. I guess as a Cal fan I’m doubly happy that USC fans are unhappy and Stanford is losing.

–I can’t even believe the Stanford-SC game is upstaging Florida-LSU. This is ridiculous. Fifteen yard penalty on the Trojans. Stanford has had NO OFFENSE and they keep on hanging around.

–And then Stanford becomes Stanford, and Pritchard heaves one off to get picked. Nice one.

–I’m trying to pay attention to Florida-LSU (Tigers are driving). But I’m completely befuddled. The ‘Furd competing with ‘SC has left my brain fried.

–USC finally breaks for a TD; I feel a little calmer now.

–Tigers moving the ball methodically down the field with the run game. LSU offensive line has been monstrous, even with their passing game pretty much nonexistent. After all, running and defense is what wins the SEC.

–Perrilloux (one of LSU’s QBs) throws the weirdest pass in the world while faking the sneak; this one gets tipped out of the end zone.

–Stanford gets two first downs in a row. Very disconcerting.

–LSU runs the patented SEC option to perfection on 4th and goal, TD. 10-7

–My God, when did Pritchard turn into Brett Favre. Three complete lobjobs, and it’s first and goal. End of the 3rd.

–Purdue has stopped Ohio State. Although they have done absolutely nothing on their side either.

–Stanford strikes. 16-14. This game has become a fascinating sideshow.

–USC is playing like garbage (gotten completely away from the run). And LSU is struggling. UCLA is in a snooze fight with Notre Dame. Absolute shitshow of football today.

–Now Stanford’s valiant effort might be eroding–USC has started running the ball down the field with better effort.

–Trojans go for the dagger again, Booty going deep for the score. I hate being goaded into these sort of games. (although the receiver didn’t get in the end zone from the review)

–TE-BOW. TE-BOW. 17-7 Gators.

–Pritchard starting to throw very well, with the receiver Bradford coming into his own. So is Stanford, who I’m very impressed with for hanging around.

–LSU driving down the field, but they are killing themselves with penalties, generally Florida’s weakness. Leads to a missed field goal, 17-7 Gators at halftime.

–Stanford is forced to a field goal, and USC fouls it up by going offside. The Trojans keep on giving them a chance to hang around.

–Bleh, Kimble goes outside instead of cutting in. Could have had a first down. Instead a field goal. 23-17 USC.

–Purdue is getting manhandled. Never seen a more dominating 17-0 lead.

–UCLA 6, Notre Dame 3. As exciting as it sounds.

–Stanford not giving up. PICK! And now the Cardinal is 45 yards away from destiny. Unbelievable. That they even have this chance is miraculous.

–Pass interference on USC D. I can see everyone in the Coliseum now getting nervous as hell. They’re actually standing up.

–Jeremy Stewart makes the most of a botched halfback pass. I’ve never been this excited about anything involved with Stanford in a long time.

–Pritchard gets the first down on a scramble. Hollly crap.

–Holding. Ack. 2nd and long as hell.

–Illegal touch. 4th and now way too long.

–My great God. If that’s a 1st down….FIRST DOWN! An amazing catch. Review though…

–First down. Man, even when Cal doesn’t play, I feel like I’m reliving old memories today…

–Running play fake into the 5. 2nd down.

–Too high for the tall player. 3rd down.

–Knocked away. 4th down.

–Unbelievable substitution error by Stanford. 4th and longer.


–Okay, still not over yet. 46 seconds is plenty of time for SC.

–Of course, Stanford proves why this is an upset with an idiotic facemask penalty. This is going to end crazy. Booty only needs about 30 yards.

–SACK! My God. 27 seconds left. 3rd down after the spike.

–INTERCEPTION! STANFORD HAS DONE IT! OH MY FUCKING GOD. Caps off an awful game for Booty (4 INTs). Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

–The SC fans are crying. HAHAHAHAHAHA. What a great day.

–I still can’t believe it. USC has gone down. This is unbelievable vengeance, especially considering all the . If all live blogs are like this I will do them the rest of my life.

–And I don’t even have words. UCLA is down by two TDs on Notre Dame. Holy shit. I love college football now.

–One missed extra point cost USC their game. My brain is frazzed. I can’t even process all this madness.

–UCLA gets a 70 yard TD called back on holding, then gets picked off on the next play. Karl Dorrell football ladies and gentlemen!

–LSU finally finishes a drive, 24-21 Tigers.

–Notre Dame driving, UCLA looks done. Sorry if the posting has tapered off, but I’m in post-coital liveblogging now. Basking in the warm afterglow. I’ll get to LSU-Florida in a moment.

–LSU starting to move down the field again, but the Gators keep on making nice open-field stuffs.

–Scrambling by Flynn gets them close to 4th and short. Because this is the rootin-tooting SEC, they go for it. Why you say? Manliness my friend. You play to win.

–You can already see how this game will end; Florida has worn down on defense with all the time they’ve spent on the field. Gators better hold them to a field goal–not sure if you want to wake up Death Valley again under three minutes left.

–Notre Dame has won, FYI. Please do not fire Karl Dorrell UCLA, we still need to play him! I’m sure this was just a fluke.

–Les Miles doesn’t believe in field goals (which would have tied the game) and goes for it on 4th down. On the second effort they squeak it through. Under 2 minutes left at the goal-line. Hey, we were just here an hour ago!

–Nice timeout Gators. Came about thirty seconds too late.

–Touchdown LSU! Looks like one team will stand pat. 28-24 with 1:09 left.

–LSU gets caught for an iffy PI. Still some hope for Florida. Poor Tebow and Percy are pretty much out of gas.

–LSU rushes three and still takes down Tebow. Last legs for the Gators title defense.

–Hail Mary falls short. Tigers win and stay #1.

That’s all for tonight. What a crazy night of football. Florida blew it because of Tebow’s miserable pick, but the USC defeat (combined with UCLA’s meltdown) were just so glorious…

I’ll be smiling tonight. Way into my dreams. Goodnight.

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