The Bears Are Roaring (Blog Reactions to Oregon)

Posted by: Avinash on Monday, October 1st, 2007

All around the Internet we go…big games entail big reactions.

For those who missed it, you can download the 2nd half for your personal consumption!

There is now visual evidence that Dan Fouts went into aneurysms after the fumble (I believe he said “review” and “something” five times combined in under three seconds. Excellent.)

[youtube L3K1o3NCwlg]

Rose Bowl Before I Die has an awesome, AWESOME writeup and a recorded live-blog of the game.

Robert Jordan runs downfieldHydrotech, California Golden Blogs: Now Longshore. I think his performance should be enough to quiet his critics. Playing on the road is always tough, nevertheless the high expectations of Cal fans are justified considering his abilities, potential, and surrounding talent. So what does Longshore do in the face of the high expectations and criticism? He had about a 66% completion percentage, and didn’t throw a single interception. Not to mention he stuck in the pocket despite getting batted around and injured. And him coming back into the game despite his injury really says something about his toughness.

Jonathan Okanes: This is looking WAY ahead, but can you imagine the hoopla if USC and Cal are No. 1 and No. 2 for that game? It will certainly be the biggest game ever played at Memorial Stadium. And it’s not totally out of the question. No. 1 LSU has to play Florida next week, although the Gators aren’t looking quite as formidable as some thought before the season. They squeaked by Mississippi State – although I think Mississippi St. is much more competitive this season – and, of course, lost to Auburn at home Saturday. Still, an LSU loss could open the door for the regular season showdown for Cal and USC. But again, that’s getting way ahead of ourselves. The Bears still have tough road games at UCLA and Arizona State before then.

EDIT: Some new stuff today! Desean’s postgame interview, a nice list of accomplishments showing how far we’ve come under Tedford, is Cal-Oregon a rivalry now? (My thoughts…no), a 47 year old woman performing in the Cal band (awesome footage), and a mixtape of the game (the music is awful, turn the sound down until the postgame interview). And a road-trip recap!

Recaps, photos, videos (plus a download of part of the game), and cheerleaders after the jump.

Addicted to Quack: I was shocked when I saw the stats. Oregon gained 100 more yards. Dixon threw for 306, and Oregon ran for 191. Forsett only had 101 yards on the ground, and Hawkins had only two catches. You read me those stats before the game, and I’m thinking blowout city. Obviously, not the case.

In the first half, both defenses played surprisingly well. 10-3 at halftime, and it would have been 3-3 if not for a stupid late hit by Cal. The defenses played great, the offenses, not so much.

Cal Offense vs. Oregon defense

In the second half, Cal’s offense woke up. Aliotti stacked the box and forced Longshore to beat us. And, to my shock and horror, he did. Longshore didn’t really make plays, as much as he took what the defense gave him and didn’t make mistakes. Last year, he melts down in this game. Obviously, he’s learned from that. And our secondary, which had been great all year, just couldn’t cover DeSean Jackson, who was wide open at will. Our young secondary will be great, but I was mistaken a bit. They are not quite there yet.

Desean & Oski

Everyday Should Be Saturday: “And Cal? Well, they nearly lost to Oregon, but fortunately the Ducks autodeleted their chances of a win at the last second with a fumble into the endzone. Remember the end of Chinatown? When the worst thing in the world happens? Well, that ain’t it. Fumbling into the endzone on possible tying TD is.”

(Bonus is where the radio broadcast from last night defines UCLA as Schrödinger’s team. Good times. Double Bonus: Jim Harbaugh’s new slogan for victory.)

TwistNHook, California Golden Blogs: Speaking of Oregon fans, all this week I noticed that they were acting very unreasonable. As I noted earlier in the week with my “Why” post, Cal fans were really nervous going in. Ducks fans were boasting as if the game was already won. Cal fans were all “If Longshore is good and if the D can hold and if and if and if, we could win.” Ducks fans were all “If a terrible bus accident occurs and the Ducks team is injured, Cal can win.” I’ve never been a big fan of being a sore winner. But I can’t think of a better time than now. Well, unless we beat USC. Thats a better time. Maybe we should just mock USC fans for us beating Oregon. Doesn’t make much sense, but then again neither did all the stuff Oregon fans were saying before the game about this being an easy Ducks victory. Cameron Colvin needs to put the ball in his outside hand after he catches it. I noticed it on the touchdown catch, that he hadn’t moved the ball away from the defenders. But he had a straight shot to the end zone so, not such a big deal. On the last play? Catch it, put it in your outside (left) hand and the defender doesn’t hit it. And for the record, he can reach for the end zone with his left hand as easily as his right hand. Fundamentals.

Additional links:

Jason Snell’s liveblog.

Jon Wilner has injury updates for Longshore, Follett, Davis, Schneider, and Peele–one of the five is more serious than the other.

Photo slideshow from The Eugene Register-Guard.

Photos of Gameday! More photos! Lots and lots of photos!

Rob Moseley has plenty of media links to coverage of the game.

Cal Football Fan has his recap.

Man, this play looks 100 times less cool from The Band Is Out on the Field.

This video gave me the chills.

Ken Crawford has a recap and some good stuff with Forsett at Rivals, but you have to pay to read it. Hey Justin, I knew you were the heart and soul last week. I’ll interview you for free.

Bret Bloomquist must have been pretty drunk when he filled in his ballot this week. He has apparently corrected it.

And finally, I completely ignored this before the game, but there was a pleasant surprise this weekend: The Oregon cheerleaders…wow.

Oregon Duck Cheerleaders

These gals are smoking. Autzen and stadium noise and the reformed Donald Duck were all intimidating, but this was the biggest homefield advantage Oregon disposed of, and I bet a few Cal players weren’t totally prepared for that explosion of hotness. Then Tedford made them put the blinders on.

I won’t forget them too soon. Ducks cheerleaders, we salute your beauty and your sacrifice.

For now you will have to live with this somewhat fabricated historical reenactment of the proceedings:

[youtube BgiqChVv_y8]

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