“Tickets to the Rose Bowl Are So Much Cheaper!”

Posted by: Avinash on Sunday, October 14th, 2007

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I mean, I’m not an alumni. I don’t know how damaging the Holmoe era was to your psyche. But seriously? Was this your thought after Cal’s most devastating loss of this decade? “Well gee, hun, New Orleans is just so far away.”

I don’t know, maybe it’s what happens when you get older–you get used to the way things are. But let me tell you something folks: This is not 1997. The old Big 10-Pac 10 rivalries (whatever they were) are dead.  Will you really feel happy about this season if you just get to Pasadena? Will you look back at this Beaver game and say, “Ahh, thank goodness we lost, otherwise I might never have seen this place. That national title bid just isn’t good enough for me!”

Secondly, how the hell is the path to the Rose Bowl clear? The only path to the Rose Bowl I see right now is next week, at UCLA (a game that now looks a thousand times tougher, and don’t give me this rebound crap–UCLA’s defense is just as good as OSU’s). I’m sure this is just a natural reaction to prevent yourself from emoting, but please.  Nothing is clear anymore.

And finally, the door is not closed on anything. Our national title hopes did not go out the window with one loss–do you seriously see Hawaii and South Florida duking it out in New Orleans? Calm down and put your heads on your shoulders. Anything is possible, from Roses to Oaks massacres. Looking forward to what you think will be yours is a recipe to getting burnt.

Just stop circling January on your calendars. Because school isn’t over yet.

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