Top Plays in September for the Golden Bears

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

With one of Cal’s greatest Septembers behind us, let’s look back at our 5-0 start and dig out the best moments of each game before we move onto the rest of the season. Vote for the top play of September in the sidebar!


[youtube OdNkJyntflU]

Zach Follett sack, Worrell Williams fumble return for TD: The play that jump-kicked momentum in Cal’s direction–the Vols had been driving down the field before that point and this play got the Bears off on the right foot.

[youtube DPXSzia2Zfg]

DeSean Jackson 77 yard TD punt return: You’ve watched this play a thousand times by now, haven’t you? No need for me to explain it again.

[youtube x4dLNwSqSRk]

Jahvid Best 34 yard scamper. ZOOM!

[youtube EWiduRYw88k]

Justin Forsett 49 yard screen. Credit goes to Forsett and the great offensive line blocking downfield. The run set up a crucial field goal that would bring cushion to the Bears lead at halftime.

at Colorado State

[youtube 3ReH-2mHVaE]

DeSean Jackson on the end-around for a 73 yard tying score. Not one CSU defender lays a hand on him. All speed my friend.

[youtube w-nmQFy_ILQ]

Jahvid Best goes for what seemed to be the game clinching TD. Astonishingly, this would be the difference between victory and defeat. Lots of broken tackles on this play, plus the added humor of Best running into DeSean on the way.

Louisiana Tech

[youtube 4T9PKDw7qsA]

Lavelle Hawkins starting proceedings with a 100 yard TD kickoff. Too bad no one knew about doing The Hawk at the time.

Justin Forsett 9 yard run for TD
: A really amazing nine yards though; he broke four tackles and rolled into the end zone. Probably Forsett’s best move this season, and I’m annoyed I can’t show it to you because I can’t FIND it.

(Note: I can’t find ANY video highlights online of Cal-Arizona. Anyone who has any please leave links in the comments or in the contact form!)

at Oregon

[youtube zRzZnBBv0-4]

DeSean stops, and goes to the end zone. Just feel sad for the corner; a move like that can make anyone look pretty bad.

[youtube L3K1o3NCwlg]

Awesome redemption for Marcus Ezeff. Bonus points for Dan Fouts going absolutely apeshit as his homerific Duck heart is torn apart.

Honorable Mention:
Robert Jordan slanting and diving against the Vols to give Cal a lead they would not relinquish.

Jahvid Best recovering what seemed like the game-clinching turnover (unfortunately for Best they would need two more).

Brent Musburger vs. the tree people.

Forsett’s run in the above Louisiana Tech video.

Felder’s INT at 2:30 (more a Dixon mental error though), DeSean’s first TD at 2:45 (excellent out on the Oregon defender to give Longshore enough confidence to throw that).

Alualu fumble recovery for the TD against Arizona. (Image again)

The goal line stand against Tennessee in the 3rd quarter (only one play here). No breaking here.

Ta’ufo’ou takes Hefney to school…this play pretty much sent many remaining Vols fans to the exit.

If you have any other highlights I missed, leave them in the comments and I’ll credit you accordingly. Thanks Bears fans!

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