Virginia Tech-Boston College, Live

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, October 25th, 2007

I will be watching and documenting most of the game at my sister sports site, Get Up Eight Times. Follow the action here.

Time to enter Sandman folks.

[youtube 5h1EW5z1wdc]

EDIT: Well, that was shitty. Anyone who followed the live action above knows how awesome my night was, so you’ll be spared the histrionics here.

Thoughts? Well, Matt Ryan pulled through and puts himself at the forefront of the Heisman race, since everyone in the SEC continues to kill each other. Which is fine, since 80 percent of players who win the Heisman go on to flounder in the NFL, especially considering how long it took him to step into his passes. He did remind me of Brett Favre with that ridiculous for those last three minutes; he also reminded me of Rob Johnson for the first fifty-seven. So don’t take too much from this.

An astounding three minutes of play negated 57 minutes of dominance by Virginia Tech, proving (1) the ACC is really turgid, and (2) Virginia Tech will end up in their usual two-tier bowl and lose, again. So much for the college football gods being kind to Tech. I guess this is what happens when you stand by a dog-killer.

I was not impressed by BC’s offensive line, and that “#1 run defense” was undeniably exposed against an inept Hokie ground game. If Boston College somehow manages to go undefeated, they will get crushed in the title game by whatever defense they face. Here’s hoping they end up in the Orange Bowl and get crushed there.

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