Action Jackson Preview, Week 10

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Took me awhile to re-construct this chaos. After the most uneventful week of the year with high powered matchups (and no major upsets outside of UConn), we’re back to some good ol’ fashioned scrumfests. Two huge battles for conference supremacy will be the highlights, with the rest slowly falling by the wayside. As a college football fan I’m very much interested, but excuse me if I’m not entirely enthused.

(As for the Cal game, I’m completely unenthused. It’ll go until late at night, which means it’ll be freezing by the end–perfect conditions for the Wazzu players. I guess not going would make me a bandwagoner, but outside of a 41-3 beatdown, no result in this game would be terribly impressive. I’m sure there will be lots of empty seats when I’m hunkering in the Blue Zone Saturday.)

All times are PST.

The Big Kahunas

#6 ASU at #4 Oregon, 3:40, ESPN. My how the times have changed. Fast offense versus fast defense. Young offense versus uneven defense. So much for the conventional Pac-10. Both of these teams will probably be playing in January again, barring massive collapse.

WARNING: Do not consider the victor of this game master of the Pac-10. Oregon always struggles against OSU (and the Beavers match up favorably this year), and a dangerous roadtrip to Arizona and UCLA looms in between. ASU has an easier road, but winning in the Rose Bowl will be no picnic, and USC at home remains.

#3 LSU at #17 Alabama, 2:00, CBS. Nick Saban Bowl. Didn’t you hear? The winner has the inside track to the BCS; the loser can start looking for hotels in upstate Florida. Les Miles now faces a competent coach with competent talent. Alabama definitely has the one thing you can exploit in the LSU –strong quarterback and deep receiving talent.

The Sideshow Mels.

Vanderbilt at #18 Florida, 9:30 AM, Lincoln Financial whatever online. Only decent-looking game in a disgusting opening slate. Although there’s a good chance it could be another one of those 52-7 Swamp slaughters.

#23 South Carolina at Arkansas, 5:00, ESPN. Darren McFadden versus a porous South Carolina rushing D. Let’s see how Houston Nutt screws this one up.

For the Pac-10 homers.

UCLA at Arizona, 12:30, ABC. This will be a battle in futility.

UW at Stanford, 3:30, FSN. A rare day that you’ll get to see all five Pac-10 matchups. It’s the Jake Locker Memorial Tour! Considering the shittiness of this Husky D, there could be all sorts of offensive records broken when they go to Hawaii December 1st. I’m more excited for that game than the Big Game. And Stanford is horrifyingly right behind us in the Pac-10. Come on Cal, can you use that as extra motivation?

Oregon State at #13 USC, 5:00, ABC. I kind of hope USC wins, because then we can expose them as frauds again next week. Or we could get beatdown and our collapse would be penultimate. A USC freefall before our diminished matchup would also be delightful though.

Upsets happen all the time.

#11 Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech, 5 PM. Poor Hokies. I have to admit, when I saw them start to rush 3 and go into prevent D, I saw the collapse coming. But it ruined my night, it ruined my week. Let’s move on.

Wisconsin at #1 Ohio State, 9 AM, BTN. Just for the record, this will probably be a beatdown.

#15 Michigan at Michigan State, 12:30 PM. The very thought of Michigan winning out and getting back to the Rose Bowl makes your heart warm, but couple that with the thought of Hawaii knocking out a Pac-10 team and you start to feel very nauseated.

Missouri at Colorado, 3:30 PM, FSN. This team will be much happier getting on the bus out of Boulder than off it coming in. No one ever likes playing here.

FSU at #2 BC, 5 PM. Poor Kirk. He has to fly all the way from the big showdown in Eugene to watch this crapfest. But we’re about due for the yearly Bobby Bowden upset special. Tomahawk chop! Tomahawk chop! Come on hickbillies.

In case you have nothing else to watch.

Purdue at Penn State, 9 AM, ESPN.
Iowa at Northwestern, 9 AM, ESPN2.
Nebraska at #11 Kansas, 9:30 AM, FSN.
Kansas State at Iowa State, 9:30 AM, Versus.

Fucking Pac-10. How the hell does this abominable slate get on national TV while we get stuck to local coverage? Are you seriously considering the market share of volleyball when you make these idiotic decisions? No wonder the rest of the country has trouble taking West Coast football seriously.

Navy at Notre Dame, 11:30 AM, NBC. Best year ever for Navy to end that streak of futility against the awful Irish.

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