My Poll of 25…and BCS Projections, Week 14

Posted by: Avinash on Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Figures that the moment I put Kansas and LSU in the title game, both of them lose. What a great season it’s been for a college football fan. Well, at least for one who doesn’t gamble like a square (that’s actually every season, but you know what I mean).

Submit your Top 25 (or 20 or 10 or 5, whatever is in your reach) and BCS Projections in the comments.

1. Missouri (11-1). I really like Missouri. Solid team on both sides of the ball. They came out in that Kansas game and took that game by the throat, forcing the Jayhawks into catchup for three quarters. Really like Chase Daniel too–that’s going to be one tough foe for their bowl opponent to knock out.
Destiny: Win the Big 12 title and they’re in the title game; lose and they could disturbingly be in the Cotton Bowl. So don’t lose Tigers.

2. West Virginia (10-1). I have to admit, a Missouri-WV title game would be exciting to me. Just not terribly exciting to anyone else.
Destiny: Win a home game with decrepit Pitt and they hit the title game; lose and they’re sticking oranges in their mouth a la Vito Corleone.

3. Georgia (10-2). I always like teams that finish well. After what seemed to be a season-ending blowout at Tennessee, they have crushed Florida, Auburn, and Kentucky, and dusted off a brief challenge from Georgia Tech. But they need tons of help to get in
Destiny: Will need to hope Tennessee beats LSU (for strength of schedule), or both Missouri and West Virginia losing to somehow sneak into the title mix. Some permutation of that. Otherwise will be in a BCS bowl.

4. Ohio State (11-1). If you are rooting for a plodding, methodical BCS title game, by all means root for Missouri or West Virginia to lose next week. Next year this team can compete for a title. Not this year.
Destiny: If Missouri and WV both win, they’ll be in the Rose Bowl. If one loses, title game time. Let the South cringe.

5. Kansas (11-1). Fiesta Bowl? Top ten finish to the regular season? Solid year, methinks. Just not a title contender.
Destiny: Start packing for Arizona, fighting Manginos.

6. LSU (10-2). Darren McFadden is going to have fun playing with the Patriots next year. He’ll be a great backup quarterback.
Destiny: Taste that Sugah. Chances at title game slim to none unless they win the SEC title by 70 points.

7. Virginia Tech (10-2). The fact that Virginia Tech is ranked above LSU in the computers with the same record is a little bizarre. Hokies have played some solid ball the past month, but 48-7 still sticks.
Destiny: Win and they’re in the Orange Bowl; lose, and they get a fruitbasket of peaches and Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Outside shot at the title game, but they’d have to PUMMEL Boston College to pass one of the five teams above them, and hope West Virginia and Missouri falter.

After the jump, the non-title contenders.

8. USC. Shows how much injuries can decimate a team. That was a Thanksgiving beatdown. The team that lost to a 40 point underdog at home is tailing the whip in the Pac-10 again.
Destiny: Rose Bowl with a win, Holiday Bowl with a loss.

9. Florida. 2009 champions? We shall see.
Destiny: Capital One Bowl.

10. Oklahoma. They have one quality win (Missouri) and that game was handed to them rather than them taking it away. You might say that the Red River Shootout win was meaningful. You might also realize Texas just lost to a head coach who just resigned.
Destiny: Beat Missouri, and they create all sorts of chaos. Ohio State is into the title game, pointing the Rose Bowl to a more favorable opponent (likely Georgia or LSU), opening up vacancies in the Orange or Sugar Bowls. Let’s just say I’d be happier if Oklahoma loses and end up in the Cotton Bowl, because that’s where they belong.

11. Arizona State. Need more testosterone shots Rudy Carpenter?
Destiny: Looks like they’ll be just good enough to make it to the Fiesta Bowl, provided they beat Mike Stoops. A loss puts them in the Holiday Bowl and throws Cal’s bowl possibilities into all sorts of chaos. Please win Sun Devils.

12. Hawaii. Welcome to the big boys, Hawaii. Watch out for Jake Locker next week.
Destiny: Beat the Huskies, and they can punch their BCS tickets–everyone is projecting New Orleans, although I could see the Fiesta making a push. Lose, and we can just forget this ranking ever happened.

13. Tennessee. I never thought this would happen after the Bama bash. What a bizarre season for the Vols. They’re about five plays away from 6-6. Then again, the Bears are about five plays away from 10-1.
Destiny: Win puts them in the Sugar Bowl, loss puts them in the Outback Bowl. Considering the losses they’ve suffered, I think either outcome will suffice.

14. Boston College. I just want Virginia Tech to crush them so I never have to pay attention to them again.
Destiny: Win, Orange Bowl; loss, Gator Bowl.

15. Clemson. I don’t have a clue how they ended up here. None whatsoever.
Destiny: Champs Sports Bowl.

16. Illinois. Champaign has to be pretty happy with this ranking.
Destiny: Likely the Capital One Bowl for a Zook rematch with his Gator pals, but if Arizona State loses and Ohio State gets bumped into the title game, the door opens for Illinois to the Rose Bowl (or another game).

17. Wisconsin. The Cal of the Big 10.
Destiny: Outback.
18. Cincinnati. Two inexplicable losses to Louisville and Pitt, but they romped through the opponents they were supposed to beat and took West Virginia as far as they could go.
Destiny: Car Care Bowl? Oh, what a painful fate.
19. Oregon. Wrote this weeks ago: “Cal 2006=Oregon 2007?” I’ve never been sorrier to be right.
Destiny: If they win the Civil War, Holiday Bowl. Considering what’s left of their offense (which looks worse than the French Army after Dunkirk), that’s looking highly unlikely. Sun Bowl could very well be their fate.

20. Texas. At least you get to go to San Diego New Year’s Weekend. What’s wrong with that?
Destiny: Holiday Bowl.

21. South Florida. Three losses to the other Big East bowl representatives. Not the worst season in the world.
Destiny: Sun Bowl.

22. BYU. Look out folks. BYU is a few upsets away from being BCS ELIGIBLE. Not that anyone will pick them.
Destiny: Las Vegas Bowl. Again.

23. Auburn. Love Tuberville. If he’s your coach, you’re practically guaranteed an 8-4 season and one marquee upset every year, and sometimes a BCS bid. LSU is going to be going after him big time.
Destiny: Chick-Fil-A.

24.¬†Boise State. It’s another team’s turn, Broncos.
Destiny: Humanitarian.

25. Arkansas. Because they deserve it–beating #1 is always worth a lot. This week at least.
Destiny: Cotton Bowl.

Omissions: Virginia (sadly, not one quality win on their schedule), UConn (a team that still needs to learn how to win road games), Texas Tech (the Arkansas of last week).

What I think will happen:
Rose: Georgia vs. USC
Sugar: Hawaii vs. LSU
Fiesta: Kansas vs. Arizona State
Orange: Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma
Title: Ohio State vs. West Virginia

Not entirely appealing, since I’d prefer a West Virginia-Missouri title. But I know better than to think a season full of chaos will finish with a title weekend full of order.

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