Pac-10 Coaching Carousel: Epilogue

Posted by: Avinash on Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Well, so much for letting Gregory go the easy way.

Washington State University has selected Eastern Washington head coach Paul Wulff as WSU’s new head football coach, a source close to the selection process told The Associated Press late Monday.

The WSU source spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to make the announcement.

The Pacific-10 Conference school has scheduled a Tuesday news conference on its Pullman campus to announce its new coach.

The Cougars have been looking for a replacement for Bill Doba, who stepped down last month at age 67 after posting a 30-29 record in five seasons.

Washington State athletic department spokesmen did not immediately return phone calls for comment and Wulff did not immediately return a message left at his home Monday night.

Not a big surprise. Wulff had been popping up as a good candidate for the job espeically because of his Wazzu credentials and Gregory has never been that interested in taking a coaching position–seems like a booth guy, and I never could really see him roaming the sidelines. So one of three things will happen.

1) Tedford will retain Gregory. Cast this season off as an aberration.
This scenario is not out of the question and might be depressingly likely if January rolls by without a change. Gregory has been with him since the beginning of his tenure, so unlike Dunbar his attachment runs deep. Loyalty is a big sticking point with Coach, so I’m giving this a high probability of happening.
Likelihood: 35%

2) Tedford will let Gregory go.
That 1-6 slide is really a two-sided failure, and I expect casualties on both sides of the ball. But Cal’s defense peaked three years ago, and they’ve been sloping downwards ever since. Despite the loyalty, someone is taking the fall for the 1-6 slide. Gregory seems to be the guy that everyone is calling for to go, and Coach doesn’t really have another head to chop at too seriously.
Likelihood: 60%

3) Gregory will be offered another coaching job elsewhere…AND he will take it.
Unless it’s for Eastern Washington or some quiet school in the Northwest…no.
Likelihood: 5%

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