Pac-10 Coaching Carousel, Part II

Posted by: Avinash on Sunday, December 9th, 2007

So after covering the scenarios yesterday of those coaches who have passed on from the Pac-10 rites, I’ll continue looking through those coaches who will be under the eye for the next twelve months…and could very well be looking for new work in 2009.

(The following images were made by a Bruins fan. Hence why every coach looks uhh…well…kooky)

Emergency watch
8. sptywillingham

That coaching door is starting to hang ajar after 4-8, despite playing the toughest schedule in the land. But his play-calling managed to let Jake Locker get pounded around like those tossed fish at the Pike Place market.

Next year is pretty much a verdict on Willingham. Nothing less than a bowl appearance will suffice.

7. spmikestoops

I’m not sure why Arizona keeps this buffoon. I’m guessing next year is the end, unless his brother is also paying off the Wildcat AD. Inventing conspiracy theories is fun! Another subpar September could mean the end for Stoops, although he could drag himself out of the hole by going upset crazy in November again. What an asshat.


Okay, I KNOW people are going to bash me for putting Tedford this low, but it has nothing to do with his job security. I don’t think anyone in Cal has or ever will entertain the notion of firing him, despite the reactionary nonsense that goes on through the bitter Internet landscape. That being said…the media loves Tedford, and they love to boost up his resume to the national landscape. He will continued to get whispered around for high-profile opportunities (how long do you really think Notre Dame will have patience with their coach of worthless?). Another disappointing season by the Bears might seriously make him reconsider his time here, certainly if his team quits. Dealing with treesitters, bureaucrats, spoiled fans and quitting players, designing gameplans until 2 AM…the man must be burned out. Work smart Coach!

Plus the five above him will not be leaving next year barring drastic circumstances. Not yet.

Too soon for them to go.
5. spjimharbaugh
For some reason, beating a USC team with a broken finger and a broken Cal team with butterfingers constitutes an amazing coaching job. Nevertheless, he still finished 4-8. I’ll admit the man is a master motivator (I wash my hands every day now), but is he really a candidate for big-time jobs as some have speculated? Let’s see how the Cardinal does in year two of the Harbaugh experiment, and I don’t mean the bacterial specimen remaining in their hands.

4. spdenniserickson
The Larry Brown of the NCAA. I’m not sure how long the Sun Devils will get Erickson–there will be higher profile jobs opening up in the future–but he just loves taking teams to the top and leaving soon thereafter. A remarkable 10-2 season places the Sun Devils just out of the BCS race…but they’re in great position to make a run at it next year.

My guess is he takes ASU to a BCS game in a year or two and then jets off a year or two after that. Because this is Dennis Erickson. When the hell does he ever stay put? I wonder if his final coaching stint will be just like Larry Brown’s, ending him up somewhere like Ole Miss…and they still go 4-8. Because that’s how they do it in Ole Miss.

You stay put.
3. sppetecarroll
I would put him at 1 if this NFL nonsense stopped piquing up. I can never really believe Carroll would leave sunny SoCal to go back and get destroyed in the NFL. Why would he do this? Six years, six BCS appearances. Then again, coaches have made stupider decisions for the right price.

He’s in no danger after this year’s performance. None that I know of. If anything, he’s about where Tedford was last year–a little disappointing, but still hopefully optimistic about the future. And there’s really no interest from outside markets.

1. spmikeriley
Two straight years winning the Civil War and beating a top three team? Welcome to the Tommy Tuberville of the Pac-10.

Your thoughts on the eight?

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