Say Goodnight to Tedford-to-Michigan

Posted by: Avinash on Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Now all we have to worry about is the 49ers job.

West Virginia’s Rich Rodriguez, who met with U-M president Mary Sue Coleman and athletic director Bill Martin on Friday in Toledo, has accepted the Michigan coaching job, replacing retiring coach Lloyd Carr, the Free Press learned this afternoon.

An official announcement is expected at 3 p.m.

According to the Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette this afternoon, Rodriguez had a 10-minute meeting with his team, told the 11th-ranked Mountaineers that he was leaving for Michigan and went back to his office.

The players, according to the paper, had little comment but looked “somber-faced.”
Also, the country’s top quarterback prospect told this afternoon that Rodriguez had called him with similar news.

“I just spoke to Coach Rodriguez about 10 minutes ago and he told me he is going to Michigan,” the QB, Terrelle Pryor, told “He said they made him an offer he can’t refuse.”

Rodriguez’s decision came after nearly two days of pondering Friday’s discussion and, according to the Charleston Gazette, two meetings with West Virginia athletic director Ed Pastilong on Saturday.

Although Rodriguez did not comment about the U-M job at his previously scheduled Saturday morning news conference, instead talking about his team’s impeding Fiesta Bowl date against Oklahoma, his lack of a denial kept hope alive for many Wolverines fans. Combined with his decision to cancel an afternoon practice, a move seemed possible.

MgoBlog is in ecstasy. I would be too; despite the pathetic way that Rodriguez deserted the Mountaineers, this was probably the best option that Michigan had looked up (certainly better than Brady fucking Hoke). For the matter, I never really thought Tedford would go to Michigan–the Wolverines didn’t seem the least bit interested in looking towards the West Coast.

So now all I’m worried about is the SF job, which should almost certainly open up after a nightmare. He is a West Coast man who only seems interested in staying on the West Coast–accepting the 49ers position would mean no movement at all and only a shift across the Bay to the Bay Area’s most successful franchise. But Coach has never shown interest in high NFL profile jobs (the 49ers to name one), so I’m not terribly concerned.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’d be shocked if he leaves until his contract runs out. We should be thankful that cowards like Rodriguez don’t take off and leave us hanging. We have an honorable man running our program. No matter his failings this year, remember Tedford’s failings are better than Holmoe’s or Gilbertson’s greatest successes.

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