Tha1 Be Gone?

Posted by: Avinash on Tuesday, December 18th, 2007


I don’t think many of us expected otherwise.

Cal also was right there. Logistically, it made perfect sense. Close to home, close to his mother, who raised him and daughter Jessica alone. Though committed to Florida, Moore still took a recruiting visit to the Berkeley campus over the weekend.

Friday’s festivities included dinner at Tedford’s house and a hearty meal of steak, buffalo wings and “the biggest shrimp I’ve ever seen,” Moore said. Saturday, it was more dining in San Francisco and a lot of chatter about the benefits of Berkeley.

Sunday, a breakfast buffet and more talk of Cal, of how Moore would be the program’s next star receiver, that he could take over for DeSean Jackson, whom Moore was told “is headed to the NFL draft.” What’s more, Moore’s high school pal James Montgomery, a Bears tailback, also was trying to get a commitment.

“Tedford’s real good, fun to talk to,” Moore said. “He told me it’d be a mistake if I went to Florida, that I should come to Cal. I thought about it.”

The comment was mentioned innocously in a SacBee article about recruiting the highly touted Carl Moore, who will in all likelihood be heading to the Swamp next year. Despite Tedford’s and Jackson’s best attempts to hide the truth, it felt inevitable this kind of story would leak, indirect as the source is.

If he is leaving, I won’t be shocked. I think we all knew we were getting Jackson for a limited amount of time; his Tennessee and Oregon performances were more than enough to cement his first round status. It’s likely if the season had gone better (10 wins and a BCS appearance probably), and Longshore had been able to perform effectively after his injury, Jackson might be inclined to return. But despite putting up only average numbers the rest of the season, his brief September flirtation with the Heisman has been enough to keep him high up on the mock draft boards.

I will wax about Desean when I’m certain he’s leaving. I try not to judge players based on rumor and speculation, so I’m going to focus my analysis to him solely on the field. But I wish him well, regardless of whether he leaves or stays.

He will be playing in the bowl game.

Do you want our gamebreaker back or not?

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