We Won? We Won!

Posted by: Avinash on Monday, December 31st, 2007

I was in an airport in Buffalo, saw Air Force 21 Cal 7 flash on the ESPNNews TV, and thought “Oh, no, not again”. I just decided it was best to memory wipe this season and snore next to some fat lady in Crocs for the flight, hoping to meditate the suffering away.
Then after I got off my plane in Baltimore and was driving to Dulles, I caught the last few minutes of the game and heard 42-30 on the scoreboard and thought, “Oh, at least we made it respectable.” Then I realized it was the BEARS with the lead, and even though they hadn’t mentioned it, I knew what it meant:

Riley. The future is now.

Oh blast you Cal football, everytime I try to get out you pull me back in.

Well…I wish I could say insightful things about this game. Except I haven’t watched a second of it. Maybe when I find someone with a tape. But it’s always nice to finish things on the upside. I know this is kind of a whimper way to end my coverage of Cal’s season, but I’ll make it up in the offtime.

Happy New Year Golden Bears!

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