Retrospection Evaluation–Louisiana Tech

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, January 18th, 2008

La Tech California FootballI’m not exactly going chronologically–Tennessee will come later in the week–but let’s continue with this exercise of looking at our opponents.

Wins: They beat Scottie Pippen’s alma mater (not a terribly good thing, considering they finished 6-5 in I-AA), and their remaining four wins in conference came by a combined 27 points to teams with an overall record of 12-36. On the other hand, they nearly beat Hawaii. Do they get gumbo for their troubles?

Losses: They lost to Ed Orgeron. Not just that, they got SHUT OUT by Ed Orgeron. “ISEETHAYPLAYFOOBAWIN ‘DEMSCOOLSOVHIGHAEDUCAYSHION!” Fun losses to Hawaii and Boise State and a solid raping by LSU in mid-November. Can’t really tell much about them from their schedule–other than Hawaii, they squeaked by crapaholic teams and got knocked around by the beasts.

From what I saw of them: Nothing. Louisiana Tech was not exactly high on my college football radar, so I can tell you really nothing outside the stat sheet.

Key statistics: 111th in pass defense. A pretty good recipe for defeat. Also Zac Champion appears to be one of the worst quarterbacks in America, as Louisiana Tech didn’t even crack the top 100 of 119 schools in Division I-A passing efficiency. It’s all the more impressive the Bulldogs squeezed five wins out of that.

What our performance against them shows us: It was a sloppppy game. The Bears really didn’t hold the ball for any great period of time (our longest drive of six minutes ended in a field goal), and we didn’t look impressive on offense either. It didn’t send up as many red flags as the Colorado State game, but nevertheless…

We treated them like cupcakes and it was a fattening experience in sugar and flour. An unhealthy win in an unhealthy season.

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