Saying Goodbye–Robert Jordan

Posted by: Avinash on Tuesday, January 15th, 2008


Obviously one very prominent junior player is on his way to fulfilling his destiny as “the next Devin Hester”, and I’ll get to him later, but first we have to send off every big senior who deserves his due.

I don’t get too misty-eyed sending off our seniors–they’re football players, they do their job, and they go on, with perhaps one or two shining in the league and the rest finding other ways to employ their skills as coaches, trainers, etc. I get sentimental soft spots of course (everyone knows how much I love Forsett and Hawk from this group), but there are plenty others. I’ll take a look at the NFL prospects one by one.

Very good at..The dirty work. While Jackson and Hawkins get the deep slant and sideline route balls, Jordan specialized in the gritty 4-5 yard out route or quick pass. An example of this is illustrated in the Tennessee game, where he shows a great deal of versatility at the goal line.

[youtube FVAYkH-BTiw]

Through three and a half years, Jordan averaged a steady 3.5-4 passes caught per season, and holds the record for consecutive games with a catch, so if you put him in the right lineup, he’ll get his touches. He’s perfectly capable of running the deep route (witness his

Big problem: Because he gets stuck with the gritty work, that also means running into the teeth of the linebackers and secondary. He seems incapable of not running into people. Doesn’t bode well for future health.

Example 1, Example 2, and below is Example 3.

[youtube 7cQcRJpVAYo]

Prospects for the NFL: Hard to say, considering he was always playing Fredo Corleone to Desean’s explosive Sonny and Lavelle’s steady Tom Hagen–never got the attention he really deserved. I wouldn’t be surprised if he fit right in as a third/fourth option on a receiver heady team. On the other hand, he has the same dimensions as DeSean, and certainly lacks that explosive beat. He’s at best a fifth rounder, although the Tedford factor might push him up.

How I’ll always remember him: Being Marshawn Lynch’s cousin? Jordan always carried the Marshawn bug. You could tell he cared about Cal’s wins and losses–just not as much as probably you or me do. Not a terrible attribute, just a noticeable one. He’s still a cool guy and everything; of the three wideouts leaving us, he’d probably be the guy I’d hang out with at a bar or a house party. You know something wild’s happening with him. Peace bro.

Please leave your fond Cal memories of #2 in the comments.

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