Saying Goodbye–Thomas DeCoud

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

decoudSolid. That’s what you can say about Thomas DeCoud. He found receiver. He saw receiver made catch. He tackled said receiver. And the pattern repeated itself. Even when Cal slid, he didn’t slide along with them. DeCoud hit double digits in tackles in four of Cal’s losses, although some of that could be accounted for a defensive line collapse. Nevertheless, his effort was solid from beginning to end, in spite of the other shortcomings of Cal’s defense this year.

Strength: If DeCoud put your arms around you, your knees were hitting grass. The embrace of inevitability.

Weakness? Only one interception in his career. The problem with bend-not-break is you can never be certain. You KNEW Daymeion Hughes had the all-around package. DeCoud is more of a tackling specialist, which probably means a downgrade in his draft status to third round. Then again, the draft is particularly thin at safety.

Signature moment. Blowing poor Korey Bosworth up (ignore the family music tracks being played, if you will).

[youtube lo9e2Jf7R0o]

Future. Boy. I’d love to say he’d be a starter down the road, but there are so many great safeties in the NFL right now. Most likely he’ll fit well in package defenses that require him to guard one-on-one. But I think the flexibility of defenses will allow him to find his gear a lot quicker than his Cal offensive counterparts. If any of our stars pan out this year I’m most sold on DeCoud.

Your thoughts on DeCoud?

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