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Posted by: Avinash on Saturday, February 2nd, 2008


Seems prudent, at least during Super Bowl weekend.

Seeking advice for the Cal football program, Coach Jeff Tedford apparently has an appointment with the game’s master strategist.

Tedford will meet during the off-season with Patriots Coach Bill Belichick, according to a former Cal player now with New England. Ryan O’Callaghan, a backup right tackle, said Tedford couldn’t find a better brain to pick.

“I haven’t played for any other NFL coaches, but Belichick has to be the best,” said O’Callaghan, now in his second season in New England. “He’s very blunt about the way he wants things done and he does a great job making sure there are no egos.”

A Cal spokesman said he knew nothing about Tedford’s visit, but O’Callaghan said Tedford has arranged to come study the framework that has helped the Patriots go 100-28 in the Belichick era.

Sounds fine to me, as long as it doesn’t involve, you know, badly placed cameramen…

While I’m not exactly certain the problem was ego with this team, there are certain game adjustments Tedford can definitely make. For one, Belichick is notorious for dressing down his team for in game mistakes (bad route running, poor throws, missed assignments). Although these mistakes have been few and far between this season for the Patriots, the same cannot be said for the Bears. Couldn’t hurt.

More importantly, Tedford will probably re-learn the importance of leadership in the huddle (and Belichick does have the Golden Boy in the pocket) and adjust accordingly. Leadership provides confidence, and confidence is contagious, spreading through all the foot soldiers on the field. With no real offensive stars next year, Cal will have to rely on its quarterback more than ever, so it’ll be important for the Bears to have someone to follow with confidence.

Thoughts on Tedford and Belichick having a heart-to-heart?

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