Recruiting Class of 2008

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, February 8th, 2008

You can view them here.

My thoughts on recruiting will come at a later time, but I don’t like evaluating potential without having the slightest idea what these players will do at Cal. I’ll examine it as the offseason goes on, but the only player I’m pretty excited about is Marvin Jones. With the receiving corps I expect him to get plenty of touches, backing up Boateng and whomever else makes it onto the starting lineup.

[youtube RvK9zzCztQI]

However, it’s clear Cal’s fall from grace has hindered the strength of its class. Our recruiting averages are still okay, but they’re not top 25. Washington, Oregon, UCLA, ASU all had better classes. Not terribly good. A strong turnaround will be needed in 2008 to right the ship.

But I generally find the hype over 17-18 year olds to be a little exasperating. While I think there is some merit to Rivals rankings (as SMQ has detailed), the hype brought upon individual five star talents to ESPN and college football programs is just that–hype. Overall there will be no impact for at least another year or two, so average classes (36th for Cal?) can be balanced out with good ones before and after.

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