This Looks Familiar…

Posted by: Avinash on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

bradysbWell, at least we didn’t have the most prominent ankle injury of the football season.

We’ll never really know how much Brady’s ankle affected him in the Super Bowl, but many of us will postulate. Yes, Brady did lead his team down the field 80 yards and score a go-ahead touchdown, but for the remaining fifty minutes he was harassed, bullied, knocked down, sacked, tormented. His throws floated all over the place, and you often wondered what the hell he was aiming at. He was reduced to dinking and dunking, as defenders took away the long ball as the night went on.

Sound familiar?

And then there was a bend-don’t-break defensive scheme, playing second fiddle to one of the most powerful offenses of all time, a team that wanted to keep you in front of them. Only finally someone decided to hit back, pushing their way through the doors and taking away their game.


And there was a hyped coach, on the verge of achieving football immortality, but then made some questionable decisions (conservative run up the middle on 3rd and short, going for it in field goal range on 4th and long), ending up disparaging the strengths of the Patriots (their explosive offense) by playing conservative for much of the game. And they let their opponents hang around. And hang around…

Oh. Maybe these guys shouldn’t meet after all.

Let’s just say that the parallels between the current incarnation of the Patriots and the Cal Golden Bears are a little uncanny. Well, except the current Bears would never blow their bowl game. Heh.

Who had the worse ending, the Patriots or the Bears?

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