And Now, Something No One Cares About

Posted by: Avinash on Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

The new site header should be updated this week. Hold your breath until then.

Note: Please skip over this if you can’t handle self-indulgence.

I’m in these NCAA Brackets like each and every one of you (about ten this year–I think there’s an inverse relationship between the number of friends you have and the number of brackets you sign up for). I’ll get to why you need to know this in a second.

My methodology of madness has become simpler over the years. I randomly filling in slots and hoping they come down right. If I get them wrong and end up losing, I just shrug it off because I don’t put a lot of time and effort into figuring them out, and if I get them right and end up laughing, I’m sure this elucidates some particular economic principle.

In any case, my pals at The Play in CA put the gauntlet down for some contest where the winner has to post on all the other blogs for at least a day–worst prize ever–about anything they want. Sounds grrreat. I already have a series of Admiral Ackbar and Swedish Chef posts lined up.

The big honcho prize is, if I win, I get to post for an entire week at The Play in CA. Okay, THAT’S the worst prize ever. I have to churn out seven more posts in addition to this? I should just pick Oral Roberts to win.

So now I have to trash-talk in detail with six blogs nobody reads. Alexa don’t lie.

Bears Necessity: 327,426
Battle of California: 1,165,096
Gossip on Sports: 1,183,806.
The Sports Lounge: 1,734,514
The Play in CA: 1,871,088
Apples and Moustaches: 7,541,307
God I’m so awesome. I can use a six digit rank that doesn’t involve money to justify my existence. Bob Costas must think I’m less of a loser than you.

Of course, I’m a nice guy; these kids will all get linked onto the blogroll. A blogroll that no one clicks on (thank you for the info Google Analytics). Onto the contestants.

Apples and Moustaches: I was confused when I clicked on this link, because the page seemed to be bereft of images of apples with funny moustaches. I think this site could be a thousand times better if you combined a Granny Seed with these dudes’ follical figures. But that’s just my suggestion.

(I went three pages back, and still couldn’t find one apple, one moustache, or one apple with a moustache. Highly disturbing.)

The Play in CA: Eschews original analysis and interesting commentary for poetry, amateur photoshop techniques, and posts that make no sense whatsoever. I’m not sure if this is a sports blog or a Tom Stoppard play.

The Sports Lounge: Too…much…baseball…

Gossip on Sports: First of all, pink and purple? Is this a WNBA blog? Secondly, she’s a Boston fan, and Lord knows that we need yet another New Englander voicing opinions. No mas, no mas. Finally…oh, wait, she’s kinda cute. Okay, that’s two for three.

Battle of California: The blog I expect to win, because it seems these guys haven’t ever watched college basketball, ever. And I always prescribe to the theory of “knowing less means you know more”. It’s going to be hilarious seeing these guys take over my blog for a day and talk about…the Sharks? Maybe I can give them the dossier of Cal’s ice hockey team.

And now that I’ve lost the battle of trashtalking, it’s time to set my sights even higher on the platforms of failure. I might liveblog the tourney and mourn every loss and celebrate every win.

Note: I’m also in the Golden Blogs NCAA Bracket Group. That you should still be able to join.

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