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Posted by: Avinash on Saturday, March 15th, 2008

All the winners of the CFBAs should have been announced today and I’d just like to say I hate you all for not finding a single award to put me in (I’d take Worst Blogger Ever, just give me attention). Ha, I’m just kidding! Congrats guys. If I ever met you in real life, I’m sure I’d stand there comatose and pretend to not acknowledge your existence.

Congrats to Addicted to Quack, who won the Best Pac-10 Blog, and Building the Dam, who finishes a depressing second again. I would like to say I voted, but I have the haunting feeling that my ballot might never have been submitted. I now know a vengeful TwistNHook will appear in the mist like the Phantasm and send me to my fate.

“Your time has come.”

Blog brothers and sisters
The Play in CA provides the funeral hymn to Ben Braun after Cal’s elimination from the Pac-10 tournament and NCAA consideration. All of this lamenting will be fruitless when Braun returns and foists another miserable year of bad point guard play and big man mishandling.

Ragnarok has also provided some great candidates for who our next head coach should be, and added in some guidelines for success. Such a well thought-out post that is oodles better than my Orgeron plea last fall almost ensures that if Braun is not fired, Sandy Barbour hands us Steve Lavin. Now THAT would be utter despair.

Also, the Golden Blogs seem to believe UCLA did not bullshit their way to victory (the rules appear to confirm it). If anyone wants a preview of my bracket, I will place two dozen scenarios where UCLA does not end up in the Final Four just out of spite. Hate the Love, right, you cordial Ducks?

[youtube 7_EZpTcNMOg]

Bear Bytes records Ryan Anderson’s coded anger at “not getting enough touches” during the UCLA elimination game, hinting at his disgust at having Randle and Knz”isuck”ivic attempt to pass him the ball or try and nail a 20 foot fall away in traffic. Sounds like one Golden Bear will be happy to get going, although his draft stock will certainly plummet because of Cal’s bumbling finish.

Spring football news after the jump

If you’re wondering why there was no combine coverage, it’s because I care even less about the NFL Combine than I do about Signing Day. It’s all puff for the crazed football fanatic in us all, and I will not succumb to it.

That being said, thanks to California Golden Bear Football News, I managed to keep up with most of the info on our hopeful Bear draftees.

Jerry Rice sees a lot he likes from his protégé DeSean and likens Tha1’s abilities to Carolina’s Steve Smith in terms of diminuitive size and groundbreaking speed.

Robert Jordan might have the lowest profile on this Cal draft stock, but certainly impressed scouts with his 40 time.

Some more about Pro Day concerning the Hawk and Forsett.

Here’s an interview Jeff Tedford gave with CBS concerning the QB controversy, the pro prospects of our, and the young Cal football team we’ll be sporting next year.

Both Robert Peele and Brandon Jones will not be returning to the Cal lineup. I wasn’t even aware that they were still here.

The Bear Insider provides a link to part of a Zack Follett interview that shows promising signs: that the “cancers from the locker rooms” are no longer with us and that it won’t be a problem in 2008. I don’t know who the cancers are (I’m sure we all have our guesses), but I’m happy to put the issue behind me.

As for the Nate v. Riley debate…it’s heating up again. I’ll leave those thoughts for next week before the resumption of spring practice (postponed for two weeks to allow Montgomery, Layrelle Cunningham, and Derrick Hill to recover from their injuries).

Finally, plenty of Aaron Rodgers talk about stepping into Brett Favre’s shoes and Lambeau, trying to overcome the setbacks that all Tedford QBs seem to have faced in the NFL. I certainly like his laconic approach to the issue.

If anyone can get over the hump, I like Rodgers’s chances, especially given the offense he’s been given to work with in the NFL. I say they can contend very soon if the Packers maintain offensive continuity and don’t sacrifice too much of their youth to the salary cap. Plus unlike many of Cal’s other QBs, Rodgers is not a system QB. He improvises and makes plays which aren’t found on the conventional playbook, which bodes extremely well for his ability to adapt to the NFL game.

Just as it does for another young-gunner QB from Cal…who we’ll get to next week.

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