Saying Goodbye–Justin Forsett

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, March 14th, 2008

USC California Football

Tex was a great player, a great kid, a stout Christian who did things right and played right. Every game you could expect 100% from Justin, healthy or not healthy. His effort was unparalleled, and he provided the clinching TDs in 4 of Cal’s 6 victories (Tennessee, Arizona, Oregon, Wazzu). While his size could be a drawback on his draft stock, his heart will probably be the determining factor in how far he goes in the NFL. And I like putting my stock in Forsett’s heart.

Advantages: In the open field, Forsett is at his best. He has great speed in the flat, can cutback at just the right moment, and when he gets to the edge, he’s almost certain to pick up ten-plus. That number will drop at the NFL, but his abilities off-tackle are really a sight to behold.

It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a big-time performer–he was Cal’s offense for most of the USC game, and dominated Tennessee’s front seven for the entire contest. He also had sterling performances against Wazzu, Air Force, Oregon both years and Texas A&M last year (officially taking the reins from Marshawn).

[youtube yOMLaCV8ENo]

Disadvantages: Not a great power runner, as evidenced by Oregon State and UCLA (and a half-dozen other Pac-10 defenses) stuffing him up the middle. And he does fumble the ball a bit. Not a strong goalline runner because of the size factor, but is great at around 5-7 yards and 1st down offense.

NFL Future: Not likely to be a top running back, but could be the quintessential second back in the ever popular NFL platoon-back system. Hopefully NFL coordinators will use him correctly with screen dumps and outside running. He can run through the middle too, just not for the entirety of the game.

What are your thoughts on Forsett’s future? Where will he end up in the NFL?

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