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Posted by: Avinash on Friday, March 7th, 2008

It’s hard to see where you’re going DeSean. I know it’s tough for me to judge the type of player you are. One moment, you were Randy Moss in New England, doing everything in spectacular ways to help your team win, the next moment you were Randy Moss in Oakland, seemingly backing your way out of crucial plays or limping around with supposed injuries.

But when you were on, you were spectacular. And you provided some of the most raucous reactions in Memorial Stadium in recent memory with your big game plays. The team crowded your name in earnest, even when the team was falling apart, just hoping for a spark to come from somewhere, hoping you’d provide it. It didn’t really happen, although you’re not really to blame. But it was a good ride, and if anything, I’ll miss the excitement of it all.

Although I have to say the correlation between your performances and who was broadcasting Cal games this year was amusing.

ESPN: 6.33 receptions/game, 86.3 rec yards/game, 105.5 yds/game, 1 TD/game
Other Tv: 4.5 receptions/game, 40.7 rec yards/game, 65 yds/game, 0.33 TD/game

You didn’t happen to cut a deal with Desmond Howard and Mickey Mouse under the table, did you DeSean? Heh, coincidental I’m sure.

Videos and fond memories await after the jump.

Strengths: Explosive playmaker, strong finisher, juker, jiver (he cuts exceptionally well); can run via the backfield if needed, draws occasional double teams and frees up other receivers to do exceptional work in single coverage; has hopefully attracted even more talent of the like to Cal in the next few years with a deep receiving class on its way.

Oh yeah, he’s good at returning punts too.

Weaknesses: Still undersized for his position, he struggled to get up from big hits, small hits, or no hits. Because of his recognizable name and talent, he has become a favorite for Pac-10 defenses to knock into the ground.

Example 1:

[youtube hZxRioJDms4]

Example 2:

[youtube B3xi50DT5vs]

Signature moment: THE WIZARD OF RETURNS!

[youtube hZxRioJDms4]

NFL prospects: He has a great chance at succeeding in the NFL, simply because he can make plays once he gets the ball. There aren’t that many receivers with that gifted ability.

Whether it was playacting or legitimate, Jackson’s small frame is going to be a concern for NFL scouts. He’s nevertheless well on his way to a mid to lower first round pick (perhaps even higher if teams are awed out by his mixtape). I know I always am.

Discuss DeSean’s impact on the program in the comments. How much did he help Cal? What are his likely prospects in the NFL?

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