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Posted by: Avinash on Saturday, April 5th, 2008

It’s going to be a strange week. Either I’m going to be doing double-duty on two blogs or I’m taking a week off from writing about Cal football. Not the worst thing in the world, although this blog might look super strange for a week. In all honesty I don’t know whether to root for winning my bracket or what-not.

So during this offweek, this might be a good time for you guys to ask any questions you’d like me to find answers to. Why was Cal’s collapse so sudden and unprecedented? What did the rest of the Pac-10 do that Cal didn’t during the 2nd half of the year? Who’s performing the best in spring practices? What pieces of Golden Bear gamefilm would you like me to review? What are the issues that you want to discuss? Who are the most beautiful Berkeley athletes not named Allison Stokke? Do you guys have any questions for me?

You can leave these questions in the comments or email them to me directly. This should be good inspiration for post ideas and provide a more detailed “About the Author” section, which is pretty bare-boned right now.

I’ll answer these questions hopefully by next week. For those of you who’ve hung around, thanks. I hope to get better at this as the weeks pass.

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