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Posted by: Avinash on Sunday, April 13th, 2008

As much as I’d like to, I can’t report on everything…and for some reason, my auto weekly responder didn’t report the links I compiled last week. So here are spring links on Cal from a week ago.

  1. Mad Dog Blog – Mike Montgomery to Cal Berkeley!
    Mark Madsen has some preliminary thoughts.

  2. Sports – Montgomery chooses Washington State –
    James Montgomery is heading to Pullman.
    to jamesmontgomery washingtonstatecougars californiagoldenbears
  3. The Cal Football Fan Blog ยป Gameday shirt, open practice and sale
    Gameday T-shirts are now available, and will be available during open practice.
  4. The California Golden Blogs :: The Mad Dog Gets Politically Correct
    Yellow Fever responds to Mark Madsen
  5. Too much Rod Benson: Bus rides, hecklers and accolades – Ball Don’t Lie – NBA – Yahoo! Sports
    How to stay comfortable on an 11 hour bus ride.
  6. JS Online: McCarthy believes in Rodgers
    Clap clap clap clap clap! Looking good for Aaron Rodgers up in Green Bay.

  7. A Stanford Hall of Famer Turns Blue and Gold
    Mike Montgomery skepticism from the master of skepticism.
  8. It looks like a bear market for Cal – Los Angeles Times
    The LA Times has produced a penetrating and powerful piece on Cal football, and by penetrating I mean myopic, and by powerful I mean putrid.
  9. Justin Forsett’s Draft Diary
    You can follow Forsett’s workout to the NFL draft here. He’s working on his degree at the same time too. Awesome.

  10. Northern Star Online: Rant: Favre just painted a green and gold target on Rodgers’ back
    Just so stupid.
    to aaronrodgers brettfavre greenbaypackers

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