Map of The Play

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Have you ever been thinking, man, I really want a dorky map of The Play, even though I have the video saved on YouTube, can watch it on any classic sports highlights reel, can see reenactments at almost any Golden Bear event? Of course you haven’t. That’s exactly why I decided to make one. You can never have enough of The Play.

Here, you can go in alphabetical order and track down the chronological order of events leading to the ownage of Gary Tyrrell. There is absolutely necessary for indoctrinating your children into the inordinate amount of hate they must direct to all things red. If the image is not working, you can also click here for some useful narration on the side (thanks to Concharto), because after all, The Play is as grand a historical event as you can get.

View A Larger Map
If you see anything that’s missing, you can register on the site (only takes a dozen or so seconds) and contribute to the process. That’s what wiki’s are all about.

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