Seven Years Ago…the ‘Furd Forfeit

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Seven years ago (well, on April 7th, but information travels slow), the Stanford rugby team decided to renounce all claims to their manhood. They forfeited a game against Cal because, as the Cardinal coach so eloquently put it, “they feared for their safety”. I do not jest. These emails are for real.

The letter also stated:

“Stanford has no fear of losing versus Cal, as they have done so every year but one for the last 20 years. They are, however, very afraid to get injured, and indeed, fear for their safety.

“When a featherweight is to fight a heavyweight,” his e-mail continued, “there is no rivalry, it is a farce, just like if a VW Bug was to race against a Formula 1 car. Stanford playing Cal in rugby has reached this farcical stage,

and Stanford rugby wants to be no part of a farce.”

Absolutely right. This would be the equivalent of Division I-AA schools boycotting their slapfights with Divsion I schools. Well, except that Stanford is in the same division and the same conference as their so-called heavyweight. And that they’re rivals who are supposed to play every year until the End Days. There is a word for this. (Hint: Bond’s babe).

Learn more about ScrumAxe 2001 by clicking here; be sure to pay attention to Steve Whyte’s MP3 ode to the nonrugged ruggers from across the Bay.

(All thanks to the Bear Insider for the heads up)

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