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Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

And at last, the new design has been revealed. So far, no kinks (included in with an upgrade to WordPress 2.5, it looks like everything has gone smoothly). Hopefully this will last for as long as necessary–web designs are a long, drawn-out process, and I’m glad to have the majority of the big issues for

First I must thank LawVol from for his diligent work in upgrading this site. We Q&Aed back and forth for several weeks about what to do with installing the header, and didn’t hit on the final design until a week or so ago. He spent the last week tinkering around with it. I owe him a great deal for this, so for now I owe him my thanks (in the future I’ll think of something better).

Three big differences:
1) 3 columns instead of 2. There was way too much clutter on my old site, so now we can split up the widgets to where they belong.

2) We actually have an image on the header! At least the new visitor will have an idea what the hell this blog might be about. The last theme had no real marker that immediately let the audience know this was a site focused on Cal sports. Hopefully that should be cleared up.

3) Everything looks like it wasn’t cobbled together in seven minutes. Thank God for a somewhat professional-looking site.

Also the Google search engine in the sidebar has been replaced by a Lijit search engine, which is pretty cool–you can search through my Cal-related and youtube links along with all the content in my site, as well as choose to search on the regular web as well. It definitely looks more streamlined than the old Google search engine.

I’m sure there will be criticism of sorts, so feel free to leave your thoughts on the new design in the comments. What could be changed about the functionality of the site, what could be improved, what you miss from the old design, etc. I’ll certainly think about it for the next offseason, but hopefully this theme will last for a bit.

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