The Bears Are Roaring: Week of 5/21

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Big movement brewing to Gold Out Memorial Stadium (with the students in blue to have a Gold C form the stadium). I was thinking about travelling next fall, but if the fans keep on coming up with great suggestions like this, I might just buy season tickets. I’ll have to ponder it.

DeSean Jackson sits down to set the record straight about his attitude: “The top-notch guys, the guys who really go out there and make big plays, and expect the ball to always be in their hands when the game’s on the line, I definitely feel like you have to have, not a chip on your shoulder, but you have to have that within yourself…You’ve gotta want the ball. You gotta know when it’s a crucial time, you gotta step up for your teammates and for yourself and make big things happen. If you’re a coach, you don’t want your go-to receiver to not want the ball . . . the best of the best receivers want to be in that position.”

Aaron Rodgers’s dad speaks: While he said he respects Favre, Ed Rodgers said the fact that Favre has kept the door of returning open, “doesn’t help the matter…He retired and the Packers are turning to Aaron and think that’s where the focus should be,” Ed Rodgers said. “I have looked at Packers chat rooms and I think about 70 percent of the comments are that the fans love Brett. But he has decided to leave and it’s now Aaron’s turn. I think there is support for him in Green Bay.”

More straight from DeSean here. Bears with Fangs has some NCAA/NFL video game Tha1 exclusive coverage here and here.

Mike Montgomery on the coaches’s tour from the Marin Independent Journal: At Stanford, Montgomery had a smaller pool of high school players to recruit from because of that school’s higher and stricter academic standards. At Cal, Montgomery will take over a program with lower expectations. At the age of 61, he aims to build the Cal program the same way he built Stanford’s when he started there at the age of 41.  If Tedford can turn Cal’s football fortunes around, why can’t Montgomery, who is wiser and has a better working knowledge of the Pac-10, do the same in basketball? They could be the most dynamic duo in Berkeley since “war” and “protests” in the ’70s.  “What’s going to help is success,” Montgomery said. “Jeff winning in football has to be huge because football generally is the bell cow. It’s the one (program) that drives the engine. It’s more visible. It’s easier. It’s once a week. It’s Saturday and the sun’s out. It’s a campus thing. Hopefully, we can chip in. I’m sure there are people who would really love to compete at the highlight level in basketball at Cal (nationally). It’s obviously not easy and that’s what our challenge is.”

Tedford and his alma mater are not getting along, from the Merced Sun Star: The short version is that Hill, a stubborn guy by his own admission, has fallen out with Cal coach Jeff Tedford — former Fresno State player and Hill assistant.  SCHEIDT LAUGHED hearing that story and suggested that some parts probably were true.  From there, you see Scheidt become close to Tedford, taking his team to Cal’s camp every summer and even adopting a chunk of the Cal offense. So the story around town is that Scheidt has become persona non grata with Hill — because of his close association with Tedford. See, that tale comes with the added suspicion that perhaps Scheidt is pushing his most talented players towards Cal.

And if you follow those bread crumbs, Hill theoretically would be showing his displeasure by ignoring possible Merced recruits.  That’s what you hear on the street and at the games. “I know there maybe have been some issues between coach Tedford and coach Hill,” Scheidt said, “but I certainly hope I’m not part of it.

You can listen to some of Tedford’s part here.

Cal women’s tennis surprised with upsets everywhere, but we ended up losing to our obnoxious kids down in Westwood.

And if you want a chance to watch Cal Rugby in action, you can watch the replay of their championship beatdown on ESPNU tonight as their usual dominant self.

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