Marshawn to Plead

Posted by: Tony on Friday, June 20th, 2008

While I was watching the ridiculous finish of the Croatia – Turkey match, news broke that Marshawn Lynch will plead guilty in his hit-and-run case.  Not at all a surprising result.  It’s definitely in Marshawn’s best interests to put this business behind him.  Then we can go on associating the terms “Marshawn,” “Hit” and “Run” with Oregon ’06 rather than May 31st in Buffalo.  

According to the D.A., there was only one passenger in Marshawn’s SUV at the time of the accident.  It’s not yet clear what charge(s) Marshawn will cop to or what deal he’s struck with the D.A.  This quote sounds encouraging to me though:

“This, at its worst, is a vehicle and traffic misdemeanor.  In the hierarchy of criminal conduct, this is certainly in the bottom third.”   -Erie County D.A. Frank Clark, June 20

I for one wouldn’t necessarily divide the spectrum of criminal activity into only three categories, but the point is taken.  The D.A. sees this as a boneheaded decision rather than a serious crime.  Not being one to tear down my idols, I’m happy to accept that interpretation and leave speculation about why Marshawn may have fled the scene to others. 

Marshawn is expected to give a statement next week, and I’m sure there will be plenty more to say at that juncture.

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