The Bears Are Hiding (Links for 06/04)

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

There is still no big update on the Lynch investigation, but it is looking grimmer the longer time goes by. Check the Buffalo Rumblings link below for more details.

Buffalo Rumblings: If Lynch positively absolutely wasn’t anywhere in the area–much less in the vehicle–I can’t see a rationale for him not stating publicly that he was in no way involved. I’m not talking about Lynch going into the grim details of who was driving or under what circumstances but rather him stating only that he wasn’t in the vehicle. Any further questions could be put off for when his lawyer was present. Everything points to Lynch being in the vehicle and that is bad, bad news for Bills fans.

The Sporting Contrarian: I’ve avoided talking about this because frankly, there isn’t much to talk about. Marshawn’s car was involved in a hit and run and there is nothing in the police report that implies Marshawn was driving the vehicle. I did want to reiterate what others have already said. It is not obstruction of justice to not speak to the police. That’s Marshawn’s constitutional right to remain silent. The police have the responsibility to build their case to the point where they could charge someone. After that, the burden falls on the prosecution to prove all the elements of the crime. Marshawn does not have to help them in either endeavor.

Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News: [Robert] Jordan, an undrafted free agent from Cal, is happy about the expanded opportunity. He recalled that he got only one play (a comeback route) during three days of mini-camp last month. Now Jordan is on the field enough to get a feel for offensive coordinator Mike Martz’s system. “It’s a lot like Coach Tedford’s offense,” Jordan said, referring to his coach at Cal. “The formations are different, but a lot of the concepts are the same.”

Jason Cole, Yahoo Sports: “The problem is that [DeSean] Jackson has this tendency to act like a kid who thinks it’s cool to sit in the back of class and stare at the ceiling tiles with a disaffected attitude. During every individual drill, Jackson was the last in line to do the exercise. When wide receivers coach David Culley stopped to talk to the group, Jackson was the first (and often the only) one to take off his helmet. He looked off in every direction except directly at Culley.”

Bears With Fangs has nice high-res shots of our new uniforms–at least in the video game world. I still say we look like Michigan 2.0 in these things, but they’ve been to the Rose Bowl recently (and gotten crushed), so why not?

Rocky Top Talk summarizes the Cal-Tennessee game from the Vol fan’s perspective.

Frank Hughes of Seahawks Insider: There was one play in particular that stood out during the practice. With rookie Justin Forsett running a sweep to the right, rookie defensive tackle Red Bryant came bursting through the line. Usually guys don’t hit each other very hard in these practices, but Bryant came through so fast and collided with Forsett so violently that Forsett went right to the ground. He obliterated him, which predictably drew a lot of whoops from defensive players.

Tim Love of BBC Sport: Whilst he looked annoyed, Rodgers was certainly not surprised to find himself being asked about yet another Brett Favre related piece of news. He is used to living in the incredibly large shadow of Farve as he has been acting as the understudy to the three time league MVP since the Packers picked him in the first round (24th overall choice) of the 2005 NFL draft. Indeed, the fact that Rodgers has sought out the help of Steve Young (the QB who succeeded the great Joe Montana), indicates that he is fully aware of the difficulties he will face in taking over from such a revered figure.

That a story about the removal of his locker had the impact that it did is indicative of the stature of Favre within the Packers franchise and the NFL

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